Am i british shorthair??

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i born in 27-3-2008, i am 9 months. but my head don't look round!! so what breed i am??
i have CHIP indefication,and in my passport written : British blue shorthair.
thanks smile
Look at my pictures and let me know.

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A lot of cat owners, even on Catster, aren't very savvy about the different "Shorthair" breeds.

British, American, and the rare European Shorthair, are pedigree cats that came about as results of human-led breeding programs. All three have distinct conformation, and the only way to obtain them is from a breeder, a breed specific rescue or, uncommonly, from shelters.

Strays, rescues, and the vast majority of cats in shelters are mix-breeds, otherwise referred to as Domestics. Domestic Shorthair is used for shorthair cats, Domestic Mediumhair for mediumhaired cats (fur similar to an angora), and Domestic Longhair is for longhaired cats. So you would be a Domestic Shorthair.


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What do you mean by CHIP - like a micro chip?? We have that too but it doesn't mean that we are pure. It just means that we are loved. Also what do you mean by "Pass port"?? Were you adopted from another country? If so somtimes people just give a breed to make it easier for kitties to pass cutoms. If you are a pedegree you will have a tatoo. If not then you are quite possible a mix. your face its way too narrow to be either a Russian Blue or a British short hair. You could be a mix of a Russian blue and Oriental or Siamese ( I forgot do you have blue eyes? if yes the Siames is quite likley) You may also wish to visit the ICFA or CCA website they should give you the breed standards exactly also you could just go to the "Breed Info" tab on this page and look up the British Short hair.

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British Shorthairs have a very distinct appearance, especially their facial structure.


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Here's some info on a British Shorthair. smilesmilesmilesmilesmilesmilebig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grin

http://www.cfa.org/breeds/profiles/british .html


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You don't look at all like a British Shorthair, but you do look like you could have some Russian Blue blood. For a good example of a classic blue British Shorthair, see Tambolina's Brother Colin.


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You look a lot like me!

I am just your typical, run of the mill pound cat. You look like you are a mixed breed of some sort as most of us are.