Ollie met a tragic end, and went to the rainbow bridge today!

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.

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In Loving Memory of Oliver

playin wild &- free at the- rainbow bridge
Purred: Sat Dec 6, '08 6:33pm PST 
Sometime today or late yesterday, my life came to a tragic end. I was struck and killed in the middle of the road. Daddy saw me and told mommy that he thought I was ran over in the street. Mommy walked down the street with my doggy sister Abbi, and identified my lifeless body. Mommy came home and confirmed markings with my twin brother T.J. Mommy was unable to identify my face since it suffered a direct hit of a tire.

Mommy told Daddy, that he needed to bring me home and bury me, so I would not be left in the street to be repeatedly ran over and eatten by other animals. Daddy got a few bags, a bucket and a shovel and scooped me out of the street. Together Mommy and Daddy buried me at the edge of the property.

Mommy is very sad. She blames herself for me getting killed. She says it was her fault for putting me outside. You see when she adopted my brother and me, we were still feral. T.J. became accustomed to living indoors with other animals. I on the other hand could not adjust. Mommy thought it was kinder to let me roam free outside, since I was a feral cat. I have been outside for over 18 months. I guess the car didn't see me, or I just wasn't fast enough to get across the road.

Mommy said my feral friends Black cat, and the other orange cat my human brother mistakes for me showed up. Black cat ran across the yard, under the porch and stopped and stared at her before running off. After I was buried, Other Orange Cat, was sitting in front of the magnolia tree. He sat there staring at my mommy for a long moment before running off, then he stop and turned around looking at her one last time. Mommy said she felt like Black Cat, and Other Orange Cat knew I was gone, and came to pay their respects.

Mommy had to break the news to my twin, T.J. I don't think he understood, since he hasn't really seen me since I became an outside cat. All he knew was that mommy was giving him a lot of attention and was crying.

I was a young cat, but I enjoyed a nice life after Mommy rescued me, even if I met a tragic death. little angel

Athena (In- Memory)

Purrs and Love

Purred: Sat Dec 6, '08 7:59pm PST 
I believe the Black Cat and the Orange Cat know what happened and were giving their condolences. So sorry you had to leave your forever home so soon, Oliver.

Purrs and Love,

Tucker James

Na na na na na- Fatman!! It's- Fatman!!
Purred: Sun Dec 7, '08 9:11am PST 
Thank you Athena for your kind words. We will really miss our brother Ollie. We enjoyed sitting in our cat tree, or on the dinning room table, keeping an eye out for him. Our mommy ensured us that he most likely did not suffer.

Oliver's twin,


Rover (In- Loving- Memory)

I'm the BOSS so- leave me alone
Purred: Sun Dec 7, '08 9:21am PST 
We are very sorry your mommy and daddy had to find you like that but at least they did find you and bring you home for a final time.

Rest in peace little kitty!!

Rover little angel

Emma Barrett

It\'s good to be- the Queen
Purred: Sun Dec 7, '08 11:01am PST 
Oliver....we send purrs and soft paw pats to your family during this sad time. Your meomwy and daddy did everthing they could, but some cats will just not become "house cats". At least they know what happened to you. As soon as you are settled at the Rainbow Bridge, other kitties there will show you how to send Angel Kisses to your family so they will know you are safe now.

Emma Barrett, Louis Armstrong, Benny Grunch, Pete Fountain and Charmaine Nevillelittle angelhug


Little Prissy- Timid Booty Girl

Purred: Sun Dec 7, '08 12:57pm PST 
hughug's to your family at your loss.



Gotta love- me...I'm the- second baby!
Purred: Sun Dec 7, '08 6:51pm PST 
Sending soft comforting purrs to your family and sibs, Ollie. We were so sad to read this news.


Purred: Tue Dec 9, '08 1:43pm PST 
I'm so sorry that your mommy and daddy had to find you like that. That's so sad... my mommy is crying buckets right now just thinking about it. Poor mommy.

Rest in peace, Ollie! May there be tons and tons of feral cats to play with up in Heaven!

little angel

OREO (RIP- 5/19/95 - 3/19/12)

Let me out, get- me away from- them!!!
Purred: Tue Dec 9, '08 2:17pm PST 
Tell your Mama not to feel guilty. I am not a feral cat, but I have been going outside for over 10 years. Mama knows now that it is not right to let me out, but she can't bring herself to confine me inside when I love the outside so much. I also do not like the other kitties and foster kittens in the house. I am inside for the winter now, and I usually have to find a spot where I can be alone and the others don't notice me, especially my mean brother.
We are so sorry for the loss of your kitty, but you showed him kindness, gave him love, and tried to do what was right. And right for him was his freedom. He is happy at the Bridge now, where he can romp to his heart's content without ever worrying about a car again.cloud 9

In Memory- of: Spot Kat

My Daddy's Fuzzy- Butt
Purred: Tue Dec 9, '08 7:12pm PST 
Our purrs and prayers go out to your Family!hughughug

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