Getting a new cat

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Purred: Sun Nov 16, '08 8:02am PST 
I am thinking about getting a new cat, but I am very worried that my present kitties will feel neglected; or that the new cat, who is very affectionate, will push them out of their favorite spots; on the bed, couch, etc. Does anyone have any advice or thoughts? Thanks!


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Go ask Borris and Gracie.

Gracie was recently added to thier home I'm sure they can give you loads of tips.


http://www.catster.co m/cats/802366


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It will really depend on the number of cats, spots, and so forth. It's really a crapshoot, mostly.

Boris was an only cat, and the king of his tiny apartment. When Gracie came along, he stopped eating for a bit. He needed reassurance that he would be the boss, and he got it from the humans, so things got better quickly. I'd say that successfully integrating a new cat depends on how much reassurance you can give the existing cats that they are loved and are first in line in your heart.

We got Gracie while I was off for the summer (long story), but nowadays I would not dream of adding one more cat, since I barely get to spend a couple of hours with both of mine combined, and they're both people oriented. Don't get me wrong, they love and treasure each other, but sometimes only human company will do for both of them.

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There are right ways and wrong ways to introduce a new cat into a home. If you adopt from a shelter - which i recommend - ask them for advice on this, they should be able to give you pointers and tips abotu how to introduce them so they wont be jealous of each other.