Snowy and I say Hi!

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Love me as I- Love You!
Purred: Wed Sep 17, '08 11:46pm PST 
Hello Everyone,

Snowy is my Loving Turkish Angora he is almost all white with a tad of apricot on his tail and ears. He also has light Blue eyes!

We both live inside of our 1600 square foot manufactured home in Oregon.

We both look forward to knowing ya'll.

Take Care,

Kristi and Snowy

Captain- Gizmo ~ DB- #169b

~Tiny purr- power~
Purred: Thu Sep 18, '08 1:39am PST 
Meowlo & welcome to Catster!! wave

We are off to send you a friend request!



Izzi, the wiz- wizster
Purred: Thu Sep 18, '08 4:07am PST 
Hi both, lovely to meet you

Izzi cheer


Love me as I- Love You!
Purred: Fri Sep 19, '08 2:03am PST 
Prrrrrrr Thanks so much for the warm Welcome Prrrrr kitty