Catster/Dogster or Pikapet

Marley (In Loving Memory)

At the bridge- now...
Purred: Sun Aug 31, '08 9:46am PST 
No need to cause drama, but we were just wondering, what is better? Pikapet, Dogster/Catster, or someother pet website? What's your favorite and why?! wink

Ex. www.catster.com

YOU PICK! smile

Twister Sam- (Always with- me)

The Hunchinator
Purred: Sun Aug 31, '08 9:52am PST 
In my family's opinion we think that Catster is a little bit better than Pikapet. We were on Catster/Dogster first so we have alot more friends here. Plus, there are barely any fakes! We spot fakes almost all the time on Pikapet! Pikapet Headquarters barely do anything, only delete fakes. But they have their own advantages... We have trouble uploading photos but they have comment boards which we think is faster than sending pmails if it's not private. But Pikapet many people are very rude. They use bad words and make rude remarks. (I'm not saying that all Pikapet pets are rude)

But on Catster, there are groups and I really like that. You can also IM on Catster if you're dating... What's your opinions???

Twister, Marley, & Clarisse

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Purred: Sun Aug 31, '08 2:09pm PST 
There's too much drama on Pikapet.
Petster... got boring and I just left.
Petpop, I just joined. But, the forums seem... empty.

Catster and Dogster rock the hardest. way to go

Twister Sam- (Always with- me)

The Hunchinator
Purred: Sun Aug 31, '08 4:18pm PST 
I agree. Pikapet has too much drama. Petster and Petpop are BORING laugh out loud

kaya skye

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Purred: Mon Sep 1, '08 2:09am PST 
okay, i just recently joined pikapet. there are some features i like...they have some ways to just fool around on pikapet that we don't. if you don't get caught up in the drama or take the attitude seriously, it can be fun.
but they're...disorganized? and while i have friends, remarkably few have shown any desire to get to know me. yet...i haven't been putting myself out there either. i got embroiled into someone's war over a fake (normally wouldn't bother, but a vulnerable person was being upset) and so am taking it slow over there.
they're interesting. they have some cool features. and later i might have better to say about them, when i've been there longer. for now i don't have anything too negative to say about them, it's more like they're different than they're worse.
but i'm established here, with friends here...pikapet may just be a place i go to play. who knows?
i don't think we should be saying better or worse of any of these groups. more like looking at what they have to offer that's intriguing, so we can either incorporate it or simply go over there to enjoy it. and if you find a certain group boring...many other don't, so it's got something that' s right up a lot of other people's alley. these things aren't objective, i guess is what i'm saying...and people may not take the "rating" of them objectively.
and you never know...there are people on pikapet who say they were on catster/dogster first and never made any good friends, but went to pikapet and made good friends immediately. the site has to be a decent fit for the person for them to bond with it...without that, no amount of snazzy apps is gonna help.