What Time Do You Get Fed?

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Purred: Thu Aug 21, '08 6:54pm PST 
We're fed between 6 & 7 am and again between 6 & 7 pm. Our humans are late night people and don't enjoy getting up so early to feed us, but attempts to shift us to a later schedule have failed miserably. Although for a while we were starting to be buggers at 5am and earlier, so I guess it's a little better now. We can be patient up until 7am, but then that's it.

What about you?


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Purred: Thu Aug 21, '08 8:00pm PST 
Our Mom hates getting up early too, but that is unacceptable for us! As soon as she tosses over in bed we know she is awake and the morning madness begins. All 3 cats and the dog anxiously await our breakfast. I am the worst though. If Mom doesn't move fast enough, I climb as high as I possibly can and start knocking stuff over. I also like to play with the blinds on the window because it makes an annoying sound that always gets Mom out of bed sooner!

We usually get fed around 8 am and 8 pm. Sometimes we get a little crunchy food in the middle of the day to tide us over until dinner. Leaf is really crazy about the crunchies!


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Purred: Thu Aug 21, '08 9:42pm PST 
My cats get fed at usually 9am and then 5pm, then a little at 10pm before we go to bed. I am on shift work, but this is how its been working out lately, until I start doing those god awful 5am shifts, then hubby will have to take over feeding.

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Purred: Thu Aug 21, '08 10:00pm PST 
Sandy and I are both fed at 9:30 p.m, but we usually have food available to us all day long


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Purred: Fri Aug 22, '08 6:25am PST 
They are fed around 9-10am and again at 5-6pm. I hate getting up early also and the dogs and cats are really good at waiting. I'm lucky, MOL! cloud 9


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Purred: Fri Aug 22, '08 8:19am PST 
Mama feeds me dry food at 5 a.m., wet food at 9 a.m., dry food again at 5 p.m. and wet food at 9:30 p .m. before she goes to bed. Note from mama: this schedule keeps Samson from waking me up from 3-4 a.m. to be fed!happy dance


Purred: Fri Aug 22, '08 8:34am PST 
I envy all you 8 and 9 am feeders. I even tried a timer, but I think it is the routine they like....Feeding is around 6 am but sometimes they get antsy with me at 5:30 am

Then they get fed again around 6 - 7 pm, depending on if I have school or not.

The 2 meals above are wet then we do a timer of a small amount of dry for lunch.


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Purred: Fri Aug 22, '08 9:50am PST 
Hmmm. A two part answer.

My ferals get fed (dry and wet) at 7 AM and 5 PM each day. I go out each night (as long as there is no tornado) at 11:30 PM and feed them treats before I retire for the day. I do make sure that their dry bowls and their water bowls are full of fresh clean water all day.

My house babies are fed all day long. Period.

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Purred: Fri Aug 22, '08 10:31am PST 
Toby and Fifi are most of the times my alarm clock big laugh They usually either wake me up by walking all over me at 7am and if that doesn't wake me up, they start to meow.....right in front of my face..... so I can hear them loud and clear! When my gf sleeps over on the weekends, they actually wait till I wake up. Thank the heavens that I have to wake up at 7am during the weekdays for work or else I'd have to keep them outside of my room.....which I have sometimes but the clawing, scratching and CONSTANT meowing at the door wakes me up just as easily laugh out loud. I usually feed them at 7pm as well unless I get home late from work. They eat better than I do, I swear!

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Purred: Fri Aug 22, '08 9:36pm PST 
I don't know how most of you get away with only two feedings a day.

Our dad leaves for work at 4:30am, so mom gives us a little bit of our canned food then since we are all up at that time. Then she goes back to bed for a few more hours.

When she gets up again at about 7:30 we have more food.
At noon we get some more and again at 5 pm.

Sometimes we get a treat around 8pm and then mom gives us more food before she goes to bed.

It sounds like we are eating all the time, but we only get small portions each time because my brother Cocoa is diabetic and it's better for him to have small frequent meals. Also I don't eat a lot at a time, so if mom puts out too much food I leave most of it, but Cocoa then eats it and he doesn't need the extra.

Mom wishes she could cut out a feeding, but this is working for us right now, so that's why she puts up with it, MOL. big laugh

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