Fractured Pelvis - Cage Rest

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Purred: Fri Jul 11, '08 2:45pm PST 
Last week i was hit by a car and fractured my pelvis and hurt my RHS hind leg! My mummy took me to the vets who has said i must stay in a cage for 6 weeks to rest, i have been in the cage for 1 week now and i'm getting bored and frustrated! My mummy sits with me all evening, leaves the tv for me to watch in the day and has hung my favourite toy in the cage, but i cant stop crying, i cry and cry until mummy fusses me, but i'm driving her mad... has anyone got any tips on how me and my mummy can get through this horrible cage rest idea?? Thanks! Purrs William xx

Athena (In- Memory)

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Purred: Sun Jul 13, '08 6:34pm PST 
William, I don't have any answers to solve your problem, but maybe someone else will post.

I know I hated being in a cage when I was sick but I was so ill I didn't feel like meowing my displeasure.

Can your mom just move your cage into whatever room she is in at the time? My cage was in the den where our TV and computer are so Mom was right there most of the time.

Sending get well wishes, William. hug

Purrs and Love,

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Purred: Sun Jul 13, '08 7:14pm PST 
Boy that really stinks, William. I know that when I had to recover from my neutering surgery I HATED being locked away from everyone else. And I had an entire bathroom to myself!

You're awfully lucky to be alive. I know you can stick this out so you can get back to being a rambunctious kitty again.


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Purred: Sun Jul 13, '08 7:38pm PST 
I had to be in a cage or crate for 12weeks when I hurt my leg. I'm a siamese mix so I enjoy complaining. It made me happier to be in the room with mama or the other kitties though so I didn't feel left out. We hope you feel better soon!

Mr. Fred

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Purred: Mon Jul 14, '08 7:16am PST 
Freddie had to spend 5 weeks in a cage after his surgery. I ahve him lots of toys to play with including dangly ones he could bat around and lots of pets and attention.

I kept the cage covered at bed time it helped keep him calmer - like you do with a birdcage. Just make sure the cage you have is big enough for him to stand up in and move around in as even though he is injured and shouldn't run around he still needs to be able to move and be comfortable.

My other kitty would sit next to Fred on the outside of the cage as well to keep him company, though I think Wilfie did it more to steal Fred's toys!


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Purred: Mon Jul 14, '08 4:43pm PST 
aaawww William, I'm so sorry your not feelinmg well. Take care and give mommy a break. way to go


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Purred: Mon Jul 14, '08 7:18pm PST 
Maybe a little Rescue Remedy in your water will help ease your anxiety. I would hate being stuck in a cage, too. But it's for the best. You have to heal so you can be up to your old tricks. I'll be purring for you!


Purred: Wed Jul 16, '08 1:15pm PST 
Thanks for all the replies, i have the tv on in the day when nobody is at home, and at night i get to come out the cage and lay on mummy's bed with her! I'm really good on the bed as if i try and move i have to go back in the cage, but i'm a lot happier!!

I've also started to walk around my cage more and more each day!! Mummy says i'm doing really well smile


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Purred: Wed Jul 16, '08 3:33pm PST 
Good luck cutie! Get well soon! way to go

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Purred: Mon Jun 1, '09 11:42pm PST 
Consider yourself lucky...I was dumped in the humane society by my owner after my pelvis was fractured. My owner told them I wasn't wanted anymore even though I'm 11 years old. I was in a little tiny cage in a room full of cages of cats of all kinds. I was hurting so much but everyone just thought I was scared and the shelter workers told people I would nervous wet if anyone tried to touch me. Nobody noticed how much I was hurting until this lady came in and after saying she wanted to adopt this big tabby and white cat in the corner (even though he has had cystitis before), she started looking around at all the other cats. My guardian angel must have done something wonderful, because that lady came over to my cage and just looked at me and then went and looked in another room full of cats but then she came back and said she wanted me too. She told the shelter people for some reason she just felt she HAD to take me too.

Now although I still have a lot of pain, I'm in a much more comfortable place which the lady set up to make it easy for me to go to my litter pan and eat and drink. I have my choice of two beds, one with a heating pad to make it warm and another one without heat right beside it. I hope I heal soon though, because I've heard the lady say to someone on the phone that if I keep having so much pain, she will take me to the vet to see what can be done. Thing is, my fracture wasn't taken care of when it happened, my previous owner dumped me after it happened, and my new owner worries about the fact that I'm 11 years old and a bit...hmmm...obese, which makes surgery more risky too.

So consider yourself lucky, your owner cared about you. At least you didn't get dumped in a shelter because you had your pelvic fracture!!!

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