Great video on cerebellar

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I found this video on MSN and thought I would share it. I've never heard of cerebellar before and I was really touched by Charley's story. I thought I woudl share this with everyone.

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Whoa. Not sure what happened there! I keep trying to correct it and it keeps getting worse. No wonder Mommy tells me to leave the computer alone. laugh out loud

http://video.msn.com/video.aspx?mkt=en-US&brand=&vid=c7aacb98 -daf0-45c9-8c11-ade8231ec469

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Oh Spook.... that is a great video with a great message! One of my best friends on Catster has Cerebellar hypolasia.... Basically it is the feline version of Cerebral Palsy...

happy danceThis video makes me want to run out and adopt one of these special kitties!

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Charley is such a sweet kitty! What a wondpurrful video!


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What a cutie


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This is a wonderful video. We have watched it many times, and are so glad to see other people still discovering it!