My Ferals story

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R.I.P Feral:- Lucky- Snowball

98% Feral
Purred: Fri May 30, '08 8:24pm PST 
WEDNESDAY MAY 21st, 2008
Out of my 12 ferals 5 all have been missing since Sunday. I haven't seen them and their food stations haven't been touched even tho I renew the food everyday. Out of those 5 1 was very friendly, one was a crier (He would cry when I called for him). They have never disappeared like this before. 4 out of the 5 ate at the same station everyday. One would be at any of the 4 station from 8 am to 9am everyday.
The rest are acting strangely. Not near as happy when I drive up and they totally bury the food at their station when they are done eating even tho there is more food left on the platter.
The only thing that is different is that I did capture a 4 week old kitten, 1 of 4 I saw, but that wasn't until I was searching for the missing 5.
The good new is the 4 week old female is healthy except for a URI, but not a bad one. She is very tame, but she doesn't purr. And she and the her 3 sibling are absolutely gorgeous hence very adoptable.

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008
Ok, 3 more are missing!
Most of them I TNR-ed recently so I am sure they are trap weary. The 2 that are left are the nursing mothers. If it was a raccon or something like that I think they'd be the first to go missing. I'm hoping maybe due to the heat they are back in the deep woods and not needing to eat as much? It did cool off tonight (was in the 90's for days) so I'm hoping to see them tomorrow.
On a happy note I eyeballed 4 more kittens and got one of them. A male...looks just like Princess. But he won't eat food, only nurse from a bottle with KMR. With some luck I'll get the others by the holiday.

Sunday May 25th, 2008
No one has seen anything. I have a few ideas, but none is for sure.
1) It's gotten very hot here. Maybe they went further back in the woods? The 2 Momma's couldn't leave their babies?
2) The PET SHOP OWNER that is in that area threatened to poison the ferals 2 weeks ago. I called and reported it to the Police/Animal Control. Police and Animal Control are fine with me caring for the ferals and sooo happy someone is doing TNR. I haven't seen nor smelled dead animals and lordy knows I've been all over those woods looking for the missing ferals and the kits.
3)They just moved on due to all the new kittens?
4) They got spooked because I was TNR-ing about 2 to 3 a week? And I lost one in the vet parking lot?
I feel so bad. And I really miss the ones that are gone. Not knowing is killing me.
Thursday, May 29, 2008
Hello Furrends!
I care for (TNR, shots, FeLeuk/Fiv testing, ear notching, feed etc)12 feral cats behind K-mart in New Smyrna Beach, FL, right off 44. 11 days ago my ferals started not showing up at their feeding stations. Within 3 days 10 are gone with no signs of them at all. One mother abandoned 5 kittens.(The 2 that are left are nursing moms and have been seen caring for the others). I have contacted the police and animal control as a shop owner in the area threatened to poison the cats about 3 weeks ago. My vet has informed me that if it was a predators the kittens and Mom's would have been the first to succumb. I suspect human intervention but without a body to autopsy I can prove nothing.
Friday, May 30th at 12 noon I am trying to gather a few people to aid in rescuing the rest of the kittens ( I have 4 at my home now and all have become tame with in 24 hours, hence adoptable) and to search for the missing cats and/or their bodies. I have permission from K-mart managers and the police.
If you can make it, even for 1 hour we'd love the help. Wear long pants, closed shoes, gloves and a long sleeved shirt and be prepared for anything. You may want to bring garden shears or something like that as it is a very wooded area with vines, etc. Water will be provided.

Friday, May 30, 2008
I'm happy to say that 8 people showed up today for the search and rescue of my ferals and their babies.We nabbed 1 orange and white kitten who has now got a full belly and is sleeping with his buddies in my bathroom.
I am sad to say, it's 99% definitive that all of the missing ferals are dead. It appears one or more of the men that live in that area had a grudge about Big Old Tom attempting to catch his "pet chicken" and or the police being in the area. This 'man' took it upon himself to poison the ferals at 3 of the 4 feeding stations. He'd wait until I put out fresh food and water in clean bowls and when I left he'd put antifreeze in with dishes. I also spoke with a resident in the vicinity, who son is a veterinary student. They had 4 dogs poisoned by antifreeze last year.
I did call the police and a Sergeant came out and took a report and when the Animal Control Officer returns from vacation next week the case will be handled by him.
Many of us searched for the bodies of the cats as it would help to prosecute. It's horrible to say, but being that it's very warm here, the smell is unmistakable. Yet we did not find a body. There is a $150.00 reward for the body of one of OUR FERALS deemed to be poisoned by antifreeze. And even if we have that, it may not be enough to convict. And if convicted I'm not sure the punishment will fit the crime.
Which now forces me to turn to the police of New Smyrna Beach and ask them why are these derelict and harmful people allowed to live in these woods and stay in this area with no questions asked.
If anyone knows of an agency or group that would lend it's expertise and knowledge to us in the finding of the bodies and or the prosecution of the guilty party, please forward this on to them.
Thank you,

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I'm bringing- sexy back
Purred: Fri May 30, '08 9:11pm PST 
I wish I had some advice to give but I don't. I did want to tell you how sorry I am to hear that this happened to your ferals. You are so kind to have taken care of them. I hope this person gets what is coming to him in many ways.

Our thoughts and purrrs are with you.hug

Nuk Anuk

Couching Tiger
Purred: Fri May 30, '08 10:17pm PST 
I am so very sorry. I lose a little of my faith in humanity each time an animal is perceived or treated as a *thing* and not as the sentient being, entitled to respect.

Since you are so knowledgable about responsibly managing ferals, I'm guessing that you have already heard of Alley Cat Allies

I don't know how much *help* they could be, but they may have contacts, experience, or some resource that they could share with you.

For New Smyrna Beach, I can find only
Southeast Volusia Humane Society

That's from SaveOurStrays Florida Listing

Again, I'm not sure, how much help they can be to you. No matter what. I'm glad there are people like you in the world!

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Little boy in a- cat suit
Purred: Sat May 31, '08 12:25pm PST 
Just like Diego and Nuk/Anuk, I don't know what advice to give you. Only that my heart breaks for those poor innocent kitties who never asked to be born into a world where they were not wanted. They came from negligent humans who refused to spay/neuter or worse, from those who just dumped their cats as if they were refuse. And just when I lose hope in humanity because the world is so full of horrible people who would harm such a beautiful life, I regain my faith when I realize that there are also people like you who dedicate their lives to these innocent souls. Thank you for taking care of them and for doing all you do. I was too far away (on the other coast) to help, but I was definitely thinking of you and hoping for miracles. Karma follows from one life to the next, so I know you will be rewarded for your kindness.

Hugs and purrs,

Jenna (the mom), Binks & Matilda


Purred: Mon Jun 2, '08 6:57pm PST 
Thank you all for you kind thoughts and words. It's stuff like that, and seeing the little kittens faces when I walk in the door that keep me going right now. I try in vain to not think how my ferals suffered, and that it could have happened in a quicker fashion. Or that I could have prevented it. I really just sit here and shake my head.
I wasn't planning on keeping any of the kits, but I might, if hubby will allow. And I must say hubby is totally in love with each of the babies. I had to go out of town Sat until today and he cared for them and spent alot of time with them. These kits have a lot of loving to give. Who ever get them will be darn lucky!
I went out twice to try and nab any of the 6 kits that are still left outside. I saw 3 of them but they take off now when they see a human, which is kind of a good thing. Before they had little fear. My hubby says I should ltake 2 of the ones I have at the house out there, in a crate so they can tell te other ones that are still out there how great it is at our house! MOL! big laugh

the kaya- skye &- shyloh paige

mutant twincats- of michigan
Purred: Mon Jun 2, '08 9:10pm PST 
i truly understand how horrible this must have been for you...i'm biting my nails right now over a young stray that i'm not sure i can take in even if i could get her to stay in the house...terrified for her, knowing that anything could happen to her while we do our little dance of 'will you trust me?'-'can i trust you?'...but to write:

Which now forces me to turn to the police of New Smyrna Beach and ask them why are these derelict and harmful people allowed to live in these woods and stay in this area with no questions asked

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Nuk Anuk

Couching Tiger
Purred: Mon Jun 2, '08 10:34pm PST 
kaya - skye & shyloh paige makes an important point about compassion.

I'm glad that some were able to rescued from all the hazards of living on the *wild* - they are small enough that they can yet learn to trust humankind.

As of January 24, 2008, only five states—Oregon, California, New Mexico, Arizona and Maine—have successfully passed legislation requiring that a bittering agent be added to ethylene glycol antifreeze to make it unpalatable for animals and children. While other states have considered similar laws, potential costs to the industry and other legislative priorities may have both played a role in pushing the issue to the back burner and preventing passage of the legislation.

Until a federal antifreeze bittering bill becomes law, it's up to concerned citizens and animal lovers to lobby for the passing of
U.S. HR 4936: Antifreeze Bittering Act of 2007
TITLE: Antifreeze Bittering Act of 2007
SPONSOR: Ackerman (D-NY) [and 20 Co-Sponsors]
INTRODUCED: 01/15/2008
LOCATION: House Energy and Commerce Committee
OFFICIAL TITLE: A bill to amend the Federal Hazardous Substances Act to require engine coolant and antifreeze to contain a bittering agent so as to render it unpalatable.
01/15/2008 INTRODUCED.

COMMENTARY: Creates criminal penalties of up to $3,000 in fines and one year imprisonment and civil penalties of up to $1,250,000 for selling or delivering antifreeze containing ethylene glycol (a common ingredient) that the seller or deliverer does not believe, "in good faith," also contains between 30 and 50 parts per million of denatonium benzoate, a bittering agent.

What we can do:

If you are not already a registered voter, register to vote.

Go to WashingtonWatch to vote your support for the bill under "What People Think:" and use the Take Action box to comment, alert others and write your Representative.

Visit OpenCongress.org to vote your support and see the list of co-sponsors.

Go to GovTrack.US to see who sits on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

Antifreeze affects and poisons both animals and children. It is in 2 legged and 4 legged animal's interests to *bitter* it.

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Mommy's Little- Man
Purred: Tue Jun 3, '08 4:55am PST 
My heart belongs to the kitties, who have NO CHOICE.

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the kaya- skye &- shyloh paige

mutant twincats- of michigan
Purred: Tue Jun 3, '08 6:48am PST 
and you should continue to concentrate your efforts where your heart is drawn...

on another note: so there's legislation to make antifreeze less appetizing? excellent! i shall add my name and my vote where and when i can...

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Little Prissy- Timid Booty Girl

Purred: Tue Jun 3, '08 8:00am PST 
OH MY I don't know what t say - this is a horrible situation for you.

We will keeep purring for you and your ferals.

You are so kind.

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