Shipping Cat via Continental Airlines

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"Cupcakes"- Fredericko- Tran

In times of- crisis, a wise- one eats.
Purred: Mon May 19, '08 6:15pm PST 
Hi everyone,

We desperately need your help. We are moving from San Diego to Houston Texas and I'm not sure what is the safest and best way to move my cat Cupcakes to Houston. I'm thinking of using Continental's PetSafe cargo shipping option. Do any of you have any suggestions? Thank you for all your help.

Lindsey and Cupcakes

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August 2002-May- 2010. I AM- MISSED!
Purred: Mon May 19, '08 8:05pm PST 
Personally, I think cats and flying should be avoided when possible. A big crate in a car is preferable. However, that's just me shrug.

Beatrice- (Miss You!- '94-'12)

The very Beast- of all

Purred: Mon May 19, '08 8:33pm PST 
If you're going to be driving yourself, then I agree that bringing him in the car is probably the best.

If you do decide to use air transportation, Continental is the best choice because you should be able to get a direct flight. The time when things are most likely to go wrong when flying pets is when there are connections. A direct flight would minimize the risk.


I'm a DIABETIC- momma's boy
Purred: Tue May 20, '08 3:36am PST 
If you MUST fly, fly with your kitty as "carry on", not cargo. I don't know about Continental, but accidents happen!!!!!

I drove from Kingman, AZ to Lewiston, ME for 5 days rather than put any of my 4 cats on a plane. (I did this last fall)

It wasn't easy, but I think it was less stress overall then a plane. For the most part, they slept in the car during the day after the inital morning aggitation and meowing.

There are MANY motels that accept pets with a refundable deposit and there are websites dedicated to help you find them...


Little Prissy- Timid Booty Girl

Purred: Tue May 20, '08 10:07am PST 
Oh My - take as a carry on if possible.

From San Diego to Houston - oh my - Mommy used to live in Houston - her hair was a curly mess - not that it's not a mess now - HEHE!!!!


Don't leave me- alone!!
Purred: Tue May 20, '08 11:57am PST 
What efurrybody else said. We have done cross-country by car in several days. We have done 15 hours in the car when we evacuated for a hurricane. We are not happy, but our purrson can keep an eye on us and make sure we are okay and we get a break in the hotel. Flying is SCARY and bad things can happen!!! I think Days Inn was one of the places we stayed at. Motel 6 or Motel Super 8 is the other one we know of.

Callista- "Cally" Ann

Sleep well, bark- often.
Purred: Tue May 20, '08 11:58am PST 
If all possible, take the cat as a carry-on. If the airline won't do carry on and you must use the cargo option, please see the link below:
http://www.catsinternational.org/articles/fun_and_useful_info/trav eling_w_kitty_by_plane.html

Otherwise, we suggest just driving the distance.. and always have a leash on your kitty. We've read stories about pets getting lost along the way.

And there's nothing better than a road trip with your best kitty pal! *giggles*

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Pixel May

The Feline- Jewelry Bandit
Purred: Tue May 20, '08 12:00pm PST 
*nods* Many hotels offer pet lodging with the humans for an additional fee of like $10/per day. I would recommend taking your pet with you where ever you go, on the off chance that the cleaning people leave the door open and the pet escapes. That was always Mom's fear about traveling with pets. Also, some bed and breakast locations are great about allowing animals to stay and it seems more like a "home" enviroment.

The best solution is the least stressful option for the pets.

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"Cupcakes"- Fredericko- Tran

In times of- crisis, a wise- one eats.
Purred: Wed May 21, '08 1:10am PST 
Thank you so much everyone for your advice!!! I guess we'll both be driving by ourselves across the country. Thanks again!


I'm a DIABETIC- momma's boy
Purred: Wed May 21, '08 2:25am PST 
Good choice cupcakes!

Good luck and enjoy the ride!!!

I would also suggest that as you stop for lunch in various places, that if you can, use the drive through so the kitty is not locked in the car with the windows up. (I know fast food is terrible, or you may want to pack a daily picnic basket....)

Also, give your kitty chances throughout the day to use the litter box. Keep one in the car. You will notice that kitty will not want to eat or drink much in the day in the car, but offer anyway.

Ask your vet about kitty "sedatives" just to keep on hand. I never had to use any, but some kittys do not travel well and at least you will have it if the first day becomes too stressful.

A little bit of meowing is not unusual, but if kitty doesn't settle in within an hour or two, then the next day may call for a little bit of sedation.

Just some helpful hints from prior experience....

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