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Jordan- Elisabeth- Jones

Tonkinese if you- please!
Purred: Wed Apr 2, '08 8:35pm PST 
My mom recently finished quite a large tattoo of all 7 of us kitties wrapped around her ankle and onto her foot.
We're just curious if anyone else out there in Catster land has done a tattoo like this as well, we'd sure love to see it!
To see moms tattoo, click on my page. My pic is first and the second pic shows the tattoo from every angle.
Please tell me my moms not the only one who's got who's got us tatted on her! There must be a couple catster moms who have them, too!wink

Jordan- Elisabeth- Jones

Tonkinese if you- please!
Purred: Mon Apr 7, '08 4:13pm PST 
Hhhmmmmm.....still no response. Maybe my mom IS the only one out there with a cat tribute tattoo! MOL


Treat me like- the princess I- am
Purred: Mon Apr 7, '08 4:47pm PST 
Mom has a friend who has 13 cats, all ones shes rescued over time. She has always said that she wanted to get a tattoo of each of them (or at least some of them) as they passed.


cheetah kitty
Purred: Tue Apr 8, '08 5:07pm PST 
Neo tatooed on my foot his paw print cross over half my foot and then he sitting. I love it, It hurt like heck. My friend has her rainbow bridge kitty tattoo'ed on her lower back and it is beautiful.

Tigger *ILM* Loves HL

Food!? Where?!
Purred: Wed Apr 9, '08 12:57am PST 
Mama hasn't finished the design for hers yet, but she's getting one
with a little image in it that's similar to me. ^~~^ Also, she knows
Heckyl and Jeckyl's mom got one recently of them. wink

Little Mamma

There is no such- thing as just a- cat.
Purred: Wed Apr 9, '08 5:29am PST 
well....mom has tatoos yet....she is waiting until she is 80 yrs old...then the family member who will be most embarassed by it will be designated to take her for her tatoo....

her newest idea is a "tramp stamp" of sorts (yeah, right...at 80! MOL!!!). It will feature Lucy our canine sisfur in the center acuz she is biggest, and then all the kitties will go out from either side with some swirly whirly business. sounds pretty cool to me...


Please Save a- Life, Adopt a- Cat!
Purred: Wed Apr 9, '08 9:20am PST 
Thats so beautiful, I love the idea of getting my babies memorialized on me... I don't have any tattoos yet, but I work in a shelter, and plan to do rescue my whole life. I would love to get one to reflect that, sadly I am terribly uncreative.

Jordan- Elisabeth- Jones

Tonkinese if you- please!
Purred: Wed Apr 9, '08 12:22pm PST 
applause Yaaaaayyy! I'm so happy to see other cat mommies with cat tatts and others thinking of it. Our mom loves it because she feels like we're with her all the time, everywhere she goes.

80 isn't too old for a tramp stamp, Little Mamma! You're never too old to do something that makes you feel good (and honor your furkids to boot)!


I like kisses!
Purred: Wed Apr 9, '08 7:00pm PST 
Mom likes your mom's tattoos! She has thought of getting us tattooed too, but hasn't yet done it. You had a very good artist.


Born to Run &- Born to Moo Boo

Purred: Thu Apr 10, '08 12:27am PST 
Wow, what a beautiful tattoo.

My Mum has a small cat tattoo on her back, but not one of us, although she does like the idea laugh out loud

Mum will take a pic and put it on her page, maybe we could start a "Moms tattoo" stroll and all tag our pics.

She wants to get some paw prints on her foot next way to go

Fun thread Jordan Jones way to go

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