Potential AGGRESSION in male kitten; In need of major advice fast...urgent.

Got a new, young, furry love in your life? This is the place for you to ask all of your questions - big or small! Just remember that you are receiving advice from other cat owners and lovers... not professionals. If you have a major problem, always seek the advice of a vet or behaviorist! Most important is to remember to have fun with your new fur baby.

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[[[:Snowflak- e:]]]

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Purred: Wed Apr 2, '08 8:27pm PST 
Okay so December 7th we fell in love with Snowflake... and we brought him home the next day... It was love and he was sooo sweet. When we got him at 3 months he was docile and timid yet curious... NOW...

He attacks people constantly, and if he is disciplined he bites. Im scared to hold him because he bites... friends and relatives are scared to hold him because he might get mad... He hisses at people who come in the door, and he might as well be a very aggressive dog...

Then... all the sudden when he realizes he has hurt me and just me, he is lovable... He kisses and purrs and cuddles. frown I like this a lot, but...

I cry constantly because Im so confused. My dad says that if he gets too mean we'll have to give him up...cry I know it sounds silly but I LOVE HIM... He is my sweety. He is adorable and could never be replaced, he is so special.

I don't want to give him up at the same time Im "nervous" to keep him. We were 'sposed to be best buddies, friends forever, and I was supposed to be his forever home...forever mommy!!! I feel like if I do this Im giving up a child- a loved one.crycrycrycrycrycrycrycrycrycry As I write this he is staring at me, he cannot figure out why Im crying.

He is mean as anyone can be one second, then sweeter than an angel.

What do I do, guys??? I really want to keep him, I would just DIE if I had to give him up... Should I see a behaviorist??? He is 6-7 months now... Is this normal??? I've had male AND female of the kitten age, and at at this age all but one male stopped this "aggression"... Im not sure if it is normal or not...

I live in Northern KY, I have no idea if there is a cat behaviorist within 100 miles of us... Any suggestions????

PLEASE HELP ME!!! MY DAD WANTS TO GIVE HIM AWAY I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!crycrycrycrycrycrycrycrycrycrycrycrycrycry

EDIT::: Snowflake is neutered!
I decided no matter what I wanna keep him. But this bad behavior cannot continue!!!!

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Is he neutered? Sometimes, frustration from being intact can lead to aggression.


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Before I can give any advice, is he neutered? I would say that if he isn't, that's just about 100% of the issue... but if he is... well, we'll go from there. I would hate to think of you having to give up your baby.

... I'm adding this later... I just read his profile (he is very beautiful) and it said that he was neutered before you adopted him... so square one.

I would start with a trip to the vet to determine if there are any health problems that could be causing this.

Also, it looks like you have other cats... how was he introduced to the household? Are there conflicts between the cats? Does he feel antagonized by any of the other kitties?

What type of play do you do with him?

I may be able to offer some advice with a bit more of this information. But I would definitely start with the vet.

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I agree with Binks that a good start would be with the vet.

Mom just read an article about a cat behaviorist in our city. She works via several phone conversations. If you feel you need someone like this, you might want to check out her website:

Cat Behavior Clinic


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also, is he declawed? sometimes declawed cats deveolpe bite aggression to cope without claws

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Okay so here is to answer all the questions...

Yup, Snow is neutered. He pretty much ignores Baby and Charlie Anne, and Chloe has been at the vet these last few days. Raindrop and him hang out, but RainDrop is sleeping a lot.

All the introductions went very well! RainDrop and Chloe were there first, then he came. Then Charlie Anne... then Baby. Me and my parents sat in a circle and let them see each other. There was only one hiss from him, but after using the toweling technique everything was fine. We didn't wanna take chances so we took two weeks to fully get them used to the idea of them being siblings... When Charlie Anne came there was an instant bond-like between her and Chloe, RainDrop and Snowflake were a little harder to allow but after 2.5 weeks it was all good.

Baby arrived it RainDrop and Snowflake ignored her- she may as well not have even been there. Charlie Anne and Chloe, who both had had litters prior to them becoming our babies got a sudden KICK of motherly instincts and were right there to care for her!

Snowflake is not declawed, but due to the PLEAS of our poor furniture he will be declawed. Charlie Anne was too old for the declawing, and RainDrop and Chloe already have been. There are no fights, so claws aren't needed. Our home is rather large, so all the cats have lots of space... two floors basement. Then a screened-in porch they go in when it is warm and they want a sunny nap.

He has a vet visit coming up, his shots are due. I'll talk to our vet.

Im really confused though, because most of the time he is very sweet!thinking

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Louie here - when I was a young kitten I was VERY aggressive. Neutering helped, but on a trip to the vet it took my meowmy and two techs to hold me so the vet could give me my shots. The vet suggested I try Prozac (creme to put in his ear). That did help a great deal. Also, I started to take my mewomy for a walk twice a day....that REALLY helped. I enjoyed the walks and it helped me use some energy.

When you go to the vet, have your person ask the vet about this. It sure helped me. Good Luck and keep us posted!!! There are things you can do, speak to your vet.

Louis Armstronghughug

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First: Declawing can increase aggressive/defensive behavior, and especially BITING. Please see www.declawing.com for more info on the potential consequences which cannot be known ahead of time. To save furniture, you need large, sturdy scratching surfaces in high traffic areas of your home.

As for the aggression toward you: Get him checked out by the vet. Sick or injured animals can be very aggressive. Once a health issue is ruled out, keep in mind: most cats do not respond to "discipline" the way dogs do. If they know you are trying to punish them, the behavior will continue. Thankfully, your cat is affectionate toward you and wants your attention. When he is being lovey and sweet, give some type of food treat (and maybe pick up a book on clicker training). When he bites or attacks, say "Ow!" very loudly EVERY TIME, and then WALK AWAY FROM HIM. I know this worked for a cat named Boris who posts on catster pretty frequently. At this point, your cat does not understand that his behavior must have boundaries. Since he enjoys socializing with you, he will figure out that the good behavior gets him what he wants while the bad behavior gets him ignored.

Since he has such social anxiety, you might want to just shut him in a room by himself when company is coming over. I have a cat who tries to sneak up on new people to check them out without them knowing it, he tries to dig in purses, and will practically try to stand in the food if we have a dinner party. If he does not listen the first time I shoo him away, he goes upstairs to the room where we keep the litter boxes. End of story. After a few minutes, he is let out. If he continues, he goes back to the room. Although we have the occasional repeat behavior, he figures out that he has to be polite if he wants to have free roam in the house.

The other thing I would recommend would be to use a laser pointer or some other toy and exercise this cat every day. Get him to run until he lies down and pants lightly at least once a day to burn off some of that energy.

If you can find a behaviorist who can show you some more specific techniques, definitely look into that.

[[[:Snowflak- e:]]]

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Purred: Thu Apr 3, '08 3:08pm PST 
Okay, so Prozac for ears... Does that mean he might have an ear infection or ear mites???shock I wonder if he has an injury??? Hmm... I'll try taking him for a walk...laugh out loud

Oh, and JSYK, He is doing better today... it comes kind of in phases but IDK maybe he is maturing??? Maybe he is in kitty puberty???


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Prozac is an antidepressant used in cats because for some reason it calms them. If this was a sudden onset I bet he has something that is making him feel bad. I would rule out both an infection or an injury (paws or belly would be a good guess). To rule out an infection they simply need to do a WBC (white blood cell count). It is a simple blood test. If it is elevated it means he has infection somewhere and they just give him strong antibotics for it. Figuring out were an infection is can be hard sometimes. I knew women that spent 10 days in the hospital (most very sick) for an elevated WBC. They did over $10,00o worth of test and never figured out were the infection was. Good luck hug

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