Help! I don't want to take my pill.

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Purred: Sun Jan 27, '08 9:47pm PST 
Help. The mean man in the white coat told my meowmy to give me a pill every night. I don't want to take it. I won't swallow it and my meowmy has to hold my mouth shut or I'll spit it out. And I am too smart to fall for that "crushed pill in yummy food" trick. Forget it. Any suggestions? Meowmy is going to try to call the mean man in the white coat tomorrow to see if a liquid form of the medicine is available.


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Purred: Sun Jan 27, '08 10:21pm PST 
Oh! Oh! You're in great luck!!! My meowmy recently read of a fool-proof way to give pills! You put a little bit of hairball gel on your finger, and stick the pill in it. Open kitty's mouth gently, and stick the glob in the back (not TOO far) corner/side of its mouth. They'll swallow, maybe a little suprised, but with no hassle smile

Good Luck!


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Purred: Mon Jan 28, '08 1:20am PST 
Actually, I think most of us kitties (and our doggy friends too) will spit pills out if we're given half the chance. The trick is to tilt the cat's head back and place the pill as far back on the tongue as possible. Then close kitty's mouth and KEEP IT CLOSED. To encourage kitty to swallow, stroke kitty's throat and touch his nose. Our girl never has any trouble forcing pills down our throats -- MRRRROWW!

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Purred: Mon Jan 28, '08 2:46am PST 
Positive reinforcement helps!

When our mom has to give one of us pills, she makes sure to have treats handy.

She puts us between her legs facing away, lifts our chins and opens our mouths, then drops the pill way into the back of our mouths. Then, while she holds our chins up so that we can't spit, she will take a treat and let us smell it. That will make us salivate and we'll usually swallow the pill down. Then we get the treat (and a few more), as well as lots of praise and petting!

Usually by the time we've finished our course of meds, we've come to associate taking the pill with treats.

I had to take antibiotics last year for a UTI, and mom always took me in the bedroom to take my pill. After my medicine was all gone, I'd go to the bedroom door at the same time every night and cry because I wanted my pill (treats). Took me a while to get over it. hehe

My sis, the Beast, had to take prednisone for a long time for a skin condition and she used to come running if mom shook the pill bottle because she knew it meant treats.

Good luck! kitty


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Purred: Mon Jan 28, '08 3:47am PST 
I got an excellent suggestion from my vet when Cham had to take a pill.

After you drop the pill far back in your kitty's mouth, very quickly and lightly blow in your kitty's eyes. This will surprise her/him and they'll automatically swallow.

I had no trouble at all giving Cham her pill....and she's a shy tortie! smile

Good luck!


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Purred: Mon Jan 28, '08 4:12am PST 
I bought of those pill plungers at the vet's office for Tyson. When he had to take pills, he would bite first then spit it out. So with this device, I would put the pill in his mouth and wait for the chomp and spit before I released the pill in his mouth. He was able to shallow it with no problem then!


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Purred: Mon Jan 28, '08 7:18am PST 
For Fun, cause we've ALL been there

http://www.authorsden.com/visit/viewshortstory.asp?id=1 0278


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Purred: Mon Jan 28, '08 9:40am PST 
Here's mommy's trick:

She sits over us with her feet crossed behind us (she doesn't sit ON us, though... ). She takes our heads just below the ears and pulls our heads gently back. Usually, our mouths will open. If not, she gently pushes on our jaw hinge with her finger. Then, with our heads tilted back, she quickly drops the pill in, closes our mouths and rubs our chins until she sees us swallow. After having two older cats with chronic illnesses or diseases, mommy had the unfortunate opportunity to get really good at pilling - and even giving shots and sub-q fluids.

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Purred: Mon Jan 28, '08 1:17pm PST 
Try Pill Pocket treats: http://www.greenies.com/en_US/products_pill_pockets.asp These are special treats with a hollow middle. You put the pill inside and fold the treat over. Then you just give it as a treat. Make sure to follow the pill water some water or some canned food to help the pill go down into your stomach. Sometimes, the pill will get stuck right before the stomach and that can cause irritation to the troat.

Pilling Cats and Dogs- The Dangers of Erosive Esophagitis

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Purred: Mon Jan 28, '08 2:12pm PST 
Considering there are currently three of us in this house on
antibiotics, we KNOW where you're coming from. It's a morning
routine... me first cuz I hate it most!!! Mama sits and curls us in her
lap, pulls our heads back and, like the others, pushes on our jaw if
our mouths don't open. She waits for us to stick our tongue out to
cry and drops the pill at the back of our throat. Our tongue pulls
back and it drags the pill right down. While in no way fool-proof,
this works most of the time.

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