I am moving to London - litter box in the crate question

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Purred: Thu Jan 10, '08 2:04am PST 
My mommy is moving me to England and we have the paperwork , IATA crate etc stuff all in order. We are on the same flight and I am in a pressure/temp control cabin, not cargo. It's a direct flight, about 6 hours and some, but I have an early check in so will be in there for maybe 8-10 hours total. I'm wondering what to do about litter box in the crate - it's big enough for a small one, but I'm worried in a bumpy situation the litter would get thrown around and mess me up, or that I would be too clueless to use it anyway. The plan is to line the crate with absorbent liner. I am already sleeping in my crate and getting used to it but just don't know what to do about including a litter box/tray of some sort?! Any help appreciated.


Purred: Wed Jan 16, '08 5:48pm PST 
Frank, I think I would put a small litter box in, and make sure it is secure (can't slide around). However, rather than use regular kitty litter (which would be really messy) I would just use a small amount of shredded paper. That way it is much cleaner and easy to clean up if any spills. Good luck with your move!

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Purred: Sun Jan 20, '08 1:13pm PST 
Sounds like good advice on the journey. I don't think you'll enjoy the journey but Josie and I would like to welcome you to London. We hope you'll settle quickly and feel at home. We like it here and tea is a good drink if they make sure it's cooled and you have plenty of milk!


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Purred: Mon Jan 21, '08 6:03am PST 
Is ther no way she can take you onboard with her instead. Natasha was very traumatized by her flight from Canada.

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Purred: Mon Jan 21, '08 4:21pm PST 
When we travelled with our cats on a 5 hour flight, we were told not to feed them the night before - just give them plenty of water. Line the crate with absorbant material and a blanket or towel. That way they won't need a litter tray and if they wee, it will be absorbed. It's not a good idea to have any items in their crate that could be knocked over or moved. if there is turbulance, you don't want the items hitting/hurting your darling cat


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Purred: Tue Jan 22, '08 9:13am PST 
I hope it goes well, what about pellets or paper litter (not shredded the pilly kind)? they are supposed to be very absorbent and wouldn't make as big a mess.

You can never tell how a cat will react though to the situation. It may be calm and wait to go toilet when everything has stopped and calmed down and its on terra firma or it may have a messy accident from fear so I would definitely put something in there even if it was wadded up towels in one corner just for in case.

We will welcome you to London with open paws!

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Purred: Mon Mar 3, '08 6:04am PST 
Good luck on your move. Just curious, does the UK still have a 6-month quarantine?


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Purred: Fri Mar 14, '08 12:02pm PST 
Ask vet about sedatives it helps a lot and makes it easier on the cat. If you do give sedative do not feed or give water the night b4 and give sedative 1/2 b4 leaving or putting him on the plane, that way there is lesser chance it would ware off. That's what my vet told me when we were moving and had 10 -12 hour drive. Also he probably won't use litter box. Putting him into a crate that is just big enough to stand in and lay down in, will prevent him from hurting himself or getting anxious by moving around to much. But having him with you if possible is always better. It can be very traumatizing for cats and dogs to be in the plane, because of the noise, they don't know what’s happening and they can't see you or smell you. So I would definitely talk to the vet about sedatives. Good luck .