Are you safe in your own home???*CLOSED*

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Badger has a horrible prey drive - mom and dad had to set up a barrier that only I can get through to get to my very own room. Otherwise, I don't think I'd be very safe.

Jambalaya is kind of my pal... she doesn't scare me like Badger does.

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kitty OH Kona, I have a fear I dont let Lil Miss Brat (oops I mean Mya) see. I have very few places in the house that are mine and safe, Since she has gotten SO BIG, my post isnt safe nor is mommy and daddies bed. So mummy and daddy let me have my big brothers bedroom and well we have a kitty room that she isnt allowed in. Maybe part of the problem is that I stare her down and antagonize her, so when she can she chases me. I am sorry Badger is like Lil Miss Princess (oops I meant Diva MEOW) Your Fellow kitty pal Comet kitty

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kitty Hi Kona, Sugar here. I have a tremendous fear of the Lil Mischevious one in our home, when she first arrived I could lay in my favorite spot (the bathroom sink) and she couldnt see me or even reach me, now that she has grown so BIG, she can jump and get me. I too have the kitty room, and my big brothers room, but the rest of the house FORGET IT. I think we should go on strike, NO purries or kneading on our pawrents. Hugs & Meows Sugar kitty