The vet said that I am just a large feral cat.

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I have been trying to figure what type of cat I am, and Vet said that I am a just a large feral cat, and not a Maine Coon. Well, how about that!

How about a bullet point tabby? Look at my sides.



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You look exactly like this stray kitty that lives outside cept i dont know what breed he is


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Leonidas, you look like a red tabby to me. Which means you're probably DHS, at least for the most part. You're not as skinny as us other DHS if you weren't spayed for a few years. Mom has read that DHS tend to be on the small side, but only if they were neutered as kittens. If they were Toms at least part of their life, they tend to be much bigger. Maybe that's how it worked out with you?


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I'm a large red tabby and white male, and I was also a Tom for part of my life, so that makes sense...thinking

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"Tabby" is the name for a coat patterning, not for any particular breed. Same for calico, tortoiseshell, etc - names for coat patterns, not for breeds!

Many cats, purebred and mixed, come in "tabby" patterning!

"Domestic Short Hair" , or DSH for short, refers to a cat of unknown parentage, a "moggy", a "shelter cat", a "stray cat", a "feral cat", etc.

The cat version of a "mix breed" if you will!

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I heard ultering a tom as a kitten makes him grow biggerthinking I was reading about spaying/neutering and it said they grow bigger if fixed, might be extra engery is used for growth rather then hormones/ and mating/fighting ect, maybe not as bulky but leaner taller, longerthinking

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My boy was a 'barn cat', a little scooter whose mother probably got hit by a car. He was teeny when he was born because he was almost malnourished to death, but he's a solid 14 pounds now. DSH sounds okay to me! He's mommy's baby no matter what he is.