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So,here's the deal:

We want to change our food.All of us.Even the dog.My human is all for natural rearing,and loves the idea of it.From the replies we got at Dogster,raw feeding isn't as complicated as we thought.But that's dogs,we're cats.So,I'm asking you raw feeders and enthusiasts for help!Here are my human's questions:

1. Is it a "one-size fits all" kind of diet? I have a moderately active 5-year old male overweight,13lb cat with a heart murmur,a 10 year old inactive 6-8lb female,a HIGHLY active 3-year old 13lb (healthy weight) male,and a slightly less active 11lb 3-year old male.

2. Have you experienced any adverse effects?

3. What kind of raw meats do you feed?

4. What kind of diet do you feed? (prey model or BARF)

5. How much does it cost for you on average (this has no relevance to me,but it's still good to know!)

Thanks a ton!

Much love,
Leigh & Tiger

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Hi Tiger, I'm so excited you are thinking about trying raw. I'll try to answer some of your questions, I switched from kibble to raw almost 2 years ago and have been loving it!

1. All cats are different and will require different portions and possibly supplements. Sorry, I don't have any experience with multi-cat feeding.

2. Until recently I've only had great success. We had a minor setback last week with some throw up, but that has since been resolved by eating boiled chicken and broth and slowly reintroducing raw food.

3. Ground chicken and bone (I hate turkey), and now I get bison w/bone. Also I get salmon oil to help me with my dandruff.

4. I am BARF fed, and my Mom buys Arusha. It comes in patties which are easy to serve.

5. I can't comment on cost specifically (cause I don't know off hand), but I know it is comparable to a high quality kibble.

Good luck, and let me know if you have any other questions!smile


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kittykittykittykittykittykittykitty Sorry had to count noses....There are seven of us here!
1) Every kitty has different needs to maintain weight. In our house I(Karma 11lb manx meant to have "depth of flank") along with Mawu (8lb semi-feral young adult just reached full growth)only eat about 2.5% of our body weight. Whereas Kharisma(9yr+ weighed 5lbs@rescue skin and bones about 7lbs now still lean), Twist(about 2yrs 7lbs lean), And Kreamsicle(about 2yrs 5.3lbs slightly lean) need a weight gain ration of 3.5%+ to bring their weight up. And Kahlua(1yr siamese 10.5lbs lanky) and Sherbert(1yr siamese 11lbs lanky) need 3-3.5% to maintain their weight. (I do weigh out their food on occasion, but mainly feed based on body condition +or-)

2) Not really. Very minor vomit now or then. Biggest one is complaining about late feedings.(but that can occur with any diet)

3)Chicken(lots of chicken), elk, canned jack mackeral, canned tripe, ahi tuna, catfishlaugh out loud, salmon, pork(rarely), rabbitsicles, chicksicles, duck, chicken/rabbit organs, quail eggs, turkey(soon) and in the next couple months; goat,lamb,chukar, and pheasant.

4)Prey Model! (firm believer cats don't need veggies)

5) I don't like to pay much more than $2/lb but some of my sources are a bit more(rabbit lamb and goat) never more than $4/lb.eek I'll spend a couple hundred a month, but I like to stock up on sale items when I can.


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1. Every cat has their own special needs and requirements, but here, portions are sectioned according to our weights. Buffy gets the least, since she's the smallest (and stops eating when she's full, so mom has found a the perfect portion size), and me and Willow get fed almost the same size, except I get a teensy bit more. Mom would give Willow much less, but she wants Willow to get a little more fat on her bones. She wants to put me on a diet, but when I'm done my food, I bully Willow and I eat her portion as well. But mom is noticing that I'm slowly starting to lose weight, so maybe this is the right portion size for me. Personally I would prefer to eat the whole package at every meal.

2. Quite the contrary, I've experienced GOOD effects! I used to have terrible poops and smell (I couldn't digest the carbs in kibble), but since being put on a RAW diet, my poops now have a poop shape (versus pudding) and there's hardly any smell at all. Plus, it's given me extra energy, and when I'm done my meal, I go racing around the house in a fit of zoomies. Willow and Buffy didn't have any problems that needed to be fixed, but mom has noticed their coats and energy levels have increased. Plus, and mom could just be imagining this, it seems us three are bonded to mom a little more. When Buffy has snuck outside, she'll now come racing back to mom at first call, when before she would just fart around and drive her nuts (guess a free-feeding diet of kibble didn't give her much excitement about coming back to the house, lol)

3. Mom doesn't feel comfortable yet in her ability to feed us a completely homemade RAW diet, so she buys us the pre-ground up stuff from the store. We get a Canadian brand called Pets Go Raw, which is nice and bloody and raw-hamburger-like. We like it better than the other brand we were eating before, Arusha, which wasn't as bloody. Plus, this brand has more bone chips in the meat, and while mom isn't sure this actually works, she wonders if it has any part in cleaning our teeth and strengthening our jaws (when we crunch down on the bone).

4. The pre-ground stuff from the store. Mom prefers Chicken or Turkey (right now it's Chicken, since the store carries Chicken, Fish, and Beef). Once in a while, when the store is out of the Chicken formula, she'll bring home Beef and we'll feast.

5. Compared to kibble, it's EXPENSIVE, but compared to a canned-diet, it's actually cheaper (before mom finally managed to convert Buffy to Rawdom, she let Buffy eat a canned diet and managed to figure out the costs between canned and RAW). Mom spends roughly $28 a week for the three of us, when it used to be $15 for the whole month on kibble. It gives mom the willies, but she says she'll keep feeding it to us, no matter what.


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1. Is it a "one-size fits all" kind of diet? I have a moderately active 5-year old male overweight,13lb cat with a heart murmur,a 10 year old inactive 6-8lb female,a HIGHLY active 3-year old 13lb (healthy weight) male,and a slightly less active 11lb 3-year old male.
Somewhat, but how much you feed will vary by cat, and some meats don't work for everyone, so that's trail and error.

2. Have you experienced any adverse effects?
Not really. Nya gets constipated if I give her too much bone. They occasionally puke up a meal they try to eat too quickly. Otherwise it's ALL been positives. Better skin and coat, better energy, better teeth, better litterbox, good all around smile

3. What kind of raw meats do you feed?
In rotation: beef, bison, venison, lamb, duck, rabbit, chicken, turkey, quail.

4. What kind of diet do you feed? (prey model or BARF)
I feed mostly pre-made raw, but once a week they get a "chewy" meal (quail pieces, rabbit pieces, chicken, etc).

5. How much does it cost for you on average (this has no relevance to me,but it's still good to know!)
Approximatley $50 a month

(I don't know if codes work in this forum... I hope they did!)


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I would love for my cats to start eating some raw meat along with the wet food they get. My questions are:
1. Where do you buy the less common meats?
2. If you serve a pre-made raw diet like the NV medallions, what temperature do you serve it?