Police Chief charged with Shooting Cats

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Victoria- Regina

Purred: Fri Feb 9, '07 4:01pm PST 
"One week after they became aware of the investigation, West Concord residents are getting some answers about their police chief.

This afternoon a felony charge was filed against Chief Robert Utech for shooting cats. ...Wednesday Utech was charged with felony mistreating animals and misdemeanor misconduct of a public official.

The charges come after a long investigation with some of the key evidence coming from possible future or former officers who rode in a squad car with Utech."

This was quoted from a story on KTTC-TV in Rochester, Minnesota. My Mom sent an e-mail to the Minnesota Humane Society asking that they keep on top of the story because the town Mayor is supporting the Police Chief. I would urge other members to add weight to the outcry by letting others know about this outrageous behavior.

Who do you know in Minnesota?

Ashlye&heart- s;Delicious- Dazzle

The Boss
Purred: Fri Feb 9, '07 4:33pm PST 
My Mom sent an e-mail to PETA and ask them also to be in top the of the story. An we will look and try to get in touch with more Animals Associations.

SWEETPEA-rou- nd eyed- rumpy Manx

You're so smart!- I'M A ROUND EYED- RUMPY!
Purred: Fri Feb 9, '07 4:43pm PST 
That is great that justice is being served. Mom said that there would be a public outcry and that he would get what he deserves the filthy dirty example of a human being that needs to be neutered without anesthesia.

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♥- Apache

Smile and the- world smiles- with you
Purred: Fri Feb 9, '07 4:58pm PST 
YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!

I actually would like to take slices off an inch at a time. I mean if we're going to neuter him, we may as well enjoy it right? And no anesthesia either.

Typical good old boy, probably trained the idiot who shot all the creatures in New Orleans.

Glad to see people are going after him.

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Stats Cat
Purred: Fri Feb 9, '07 11:30pm PST 
Well done Victoria! Give your mom a huge hug from me. wink

I think it's important that this story is not allowed to just die and be forgotten. A clear and strong message has to be made that will make any other idiots think twice before harming an animal.

This story needs to be aired on National TV.

Leida. kitty

Mr. Nigel

It is Mr. Nigel- to you!
Purred: Sat Feb 10, '07 2:49pm PST 
Excuse me, but you do not end violence with violence!


Fat George
Purred: Sun Feb 11, '07 1:02am PST 
Lol, no they should talk to him, right? That usually works...


Can I have a- straw?
Purred: Sun Feb 11, '07 1:47am PST 
My mom has a few choice names for this guy, and none of them are what you'd call your Grandma. (I hope, anyway.)

Glad to see that he's having to face his awful crime. Hopefully he'll go to jail for awhile. That's irony, right?

Kitty- Meow..angel- girl

An Angel in my- heart.
Purred: Sun Feb 11, '07 3:59am PST 
crycrycrycrycry Why is it that some humans find such joy in hurting us wittle kittys? We have feelings too. They dump us, beat us, shoot us..and my heart ask why??? I hope this monster gets his just reward and is punished for hurting sweet kittys. Makes a kitttys heart cry.


Purred: Tue Feb 20, '07 8:51am PST 
As a Board Member of the Steele County (Neighboring County) Humane Society, I promise that this situation will be watched. The bad news, is that Dodge County (home of West Concord) has no Humane Society.
I visit West Concord daily, on business, and have verified that this guy is a nut! I have spread the word in West Concord, that there are many other ways to deal with cat overpopulation, including a free spay/nueter program offered by another Society.
The Mayor actually supports this guy!!!
What's wrong with people???

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