I don't want them to go!

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Mama Cita

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Purred: Fri Dec 1, '06 6:41am PST 
Mama Cita (a stray that we took in) recently had a litter of two kittens. She was pregnant when she showed up and had a litter of three that time. We kept those cats because we couldn't find them homes so we already had 5 cats when these new babies came along. I immediatley began contacting rescues as soon as they were born. FINALLY, one rescue agreed to take them and I am bringing them tommorow which should be a happy time but I am so upset. I have really gotten so attached to these two babies....esp one of them who I've named Zeus. He is going to be such a great cat. I wish I could keep them but I know with 5 cats and three dogs I cannot afford the health care for any more. I am beside myself knowing they are leaving me tomorrow! I am worried about things like what if they get sent to a home that declaws? Or what if they go to a home that keeps them indoors all the time but gives them no outlets for play and new activities and they become bored and depressed? What if they go to a home that won't love them as much when they become adults?

I've never had to let go of an animal who I love and I just don't know what to do. I just needed to vent!

The good news is that the rescue is taking the mama untill the babies are weaned and they are going to spay her and take the kittens for a $80 donation.

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God bless your heart,i wish more people will be this careful and loving and caring for those poor souls in need..hey,don't be negative!!! You are doing the right thing,and hey,think positive,they will all go to good homes..just keep an eye on them by phoning the shelter,tell them you wanna be kept updated,they should give you an id number for every cat you surrender to them,so you will be able to call and trace them.
Be firm about being informed of their fate..if they are a good shelter they won't have a problem with that.

I know how hard it's to let go on them!!!! Mom was heratbroken too,when i had to go to the shelter,but,hey,not even a week after i was there i found a great home,and now i am living the wonderful life. And i was over a year old!!!

You did the right thing..winter outside it's horrible for cats,they starve,shiver,they end up run over by cars or chased away from mean humans...i will keep my paws crossed for all of them,so that they can find a loving home....keep us posted,a big hug,Micetto


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You've done a wonderful thing caring for these kitties. Try to remember that even though it is extemely hard to give them up you are providing them with their best chance at a safe happy life. Keep in touch with the rescue and maybe they will let you help to screen adopters?? You are a very caring owner who want's only the best for her babies,that is an amazing thing to see!! Lot's and Lot's of purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs to you smile Diesel, Tucker and their Mom..

Mama Cita

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Purred: Fri Dec 1, '06 12:35pm PST 
Thank you both!

I know I'm doing the right thing. The rescue is run by a female vet and she has a room in her practice set up as a small "shelter" where she houses animals waiting to be adopted. So they will get the best medical care I am sure seeing that the woman taking them is a vet. Mama Cita will be picked up by me and brought back to our home after she is spayed....there is no chance of her getting adopted since she is feral and doesn't want the company of people. She won't even allow me to pet her except on the rare occasion....very rare.

Every night I have spent lots of time outside with the kittens and as soon as they hear me they come running because they like me to sit indian style on the floor so they can use me as a jungle gym. And they love to cuddle....they will make some adopter a very lucky person! I can't bear to see them leave and I am hoping the rescue will keep me updated on their progress. I almost want a contract saying I have the rights to visit them in their homes!!! But I know......I am doing what I should do.



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You'll be so blessed for your deed! Please don't worry that they might not find the right place, the rescue sound like a very careful one, tell them of your concerns, I'm sure they can arrange with future adopters for keeping in touch with the kitties.

Big Foot i- am an- angel-cat- now

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Purred: Fri Dec 1, '06 4:15pm PST 
Sounds like mommy cat is a lot like me!!! I'm a feral too ..if you read my bio you'll see you and my mom have a lot in common...the kitties will find a good home for sure!!!
And you did good...,the smaller the better,their chances to find a good home are higher..plus it's xmas time,and hopefully lots of people will go to shelters to find their companions,instead of buying animals from stores...keep us posted,headbutts,Big Foot
PS Did you see the mommy,after you have released her? Is she doing fine? I hope so!!


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Purrs to you and your family Momma Cita.


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Hi Bigfoot! You are a very lucky kitty to cross paths with someone who is so kind and loves you so much!

I'm a bit confused by your question......

Are you asking if I have seen Mama Cita (mom cat) around?
She is a great mother to her kittens and is very attentive. She is with them always. We set up a "mini compound" on our porch for her and her kittens. She has a warm bed with fleece blankets and tubs surrounding her to keep the wind out....plus an old kitchen table sits over her acting as a roof (even though our porch is screened it anyway). When the rescue spays her I will bring her back here and she will live as our "outdoor" cat since she has no interest in coming inside. She uses the porch as her home.

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If I understood correctly Mamacita is going to stay with the kittens at the vet/shelter until they are weaned and then return to her porch/home and live the feral life she has chosen for herself, while still having the love of a family.

Mamacita's mama, you have done a great thing. You have your own personal TNR program! (trap-nueter-release). You have imporved the life of 7 kitties, that is an impact to be proud of ,for sure. I know you love them, and part of that is letting them go on to their own new lives. They would never have had the opportunity without your assistance. Three cheers for you.
PS. I was born to a feral mom, too! I am now living happily ever after, thanks to people like you smile

Big Foot i- am an- angel-cat- now

Beware of all- humans and- Grisu'!!
Purred: Sat Dec 2, '06 12:38pm PST 
Thanks for your answer!!

Actually,i think your mom is a great big hearted person too,i wish everybody would understand the importance of fixing strays and feral like me....kudos to your mom!!! Love Big Foot

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