Support changes to Animal Cruelty laws in Canada

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Canada's Animal Cruelty laws have changed little since they were first created in 1892. These laws make it hard to convict some animal abusers and those that are convicted receive a maximum $2000 fine and 6 mths jail time. Stray and wild animals are not protected at all and training animals to fight is legal.

The outcry against a recent case of dog abuse in Didsbury AB (WARNING: YOU MAY FIND THE DETAILS DISTRESSING but see HERE for the story) has resulted in a new Private Members bill being introduced in Parliament, bill C-373. This bill will update these laws to provide greater protection for animals and to allow stiffer penalties to be imposed while not impacting farming & hunting rights.

This bill is seen as a low priority by some MPs. Please show them that you feel that the protection of animals is important! Details of how Canadian Residents can show your support for this new bill are HERE

For Canadian residents there is also an ONLINE PETITION which will be presented to Parliament at the end of November to show support for the new bill. The petition was started before the new bill was introduced so doesn't refer to bill C-373 but it is still valid and will still be presented.


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Have you tried posting this on a Canada Catster Group forum? Try doing a group search on this site-- this way you may reach more people rather than just a general post in this forumsmile

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Good idea Calypso and and thanks Milly for bringing this to our attention. The treatment of animals is one of the few things that makes us ashamed to be Canadians.
"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Ghandi said that, so what does that say about us?