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Purred: Thu Nov 2, '06 8:20am PST 
Thought I would pass on some fun tips and trickes you can do to decorate both catster/dogster pages in case anyone didn't know.


Did you know to give multiple treats all you have to do give one, then when the treat window is open, hit the F5 key a bunch of times, then when they re-load, hit it again, and it shows you all the treats you gave!


To underline a word (or words), simply put a 'u' in front of the word(s), but put it between brackets < >. Don't forget to undo it by putting the '/u' between the brackets like this or else all of your words will be underlined! Example < u > type your text here < /u > You can do the exact same thing to BOLD Text except instead of using a 'u' use the letter 'b'. Remember, leave out the spaces between the < > and the letter ‘u’ or ‘b’. I had to add them so that catster/dogster wouldn’t read them as code.


To make a Heart ♥ , simply put a '&' sign, the word ‘hearts’ and then a semicolon ' ; ' and it will make a cute little heart.

You can post an image in a extra bio-field on your page. Just use this code, but replace with the link to the image ::
< img alt="" src="">
I had to add a space between the < and img above, you have to remove it for the script to work.

With links, here is how you make the code look : < a class=bodyTextRev target=site onClick="alert('Dogster Alert: You are about to visit an outside link that was submitted by this pet owner.');" href="">link title
Once again, I had to add a space between < and a, make sure you remove the space

To make a quickie URL to any pet page all you have to do is go: and replace XXXXX with the pet's ID.
Sparky's page is

To shortcut to a diary you can type where XXXX is the pet ID

And if you have Plus, a shortcut to the photo book is

To make your text move ...... It may or may not work here at dogster, though. Not all HTML does.

< marquee >Your text message here.< /marquee >

< marquee direction="right">Your message< /marquee>

< marquee behavior="alternate">Your message< /marquee>

< marquee direction="up" behavior="alternate">Your message< /marquee>

(I purposely put a space behind the '< ' so it would show up, otherwise do not do it that way.) =)

To put text in bold, italics or underline, do one of the following:

< b>bold text< /b>
< i>italic text< /i >
< u>underlined text< /u>

(I purposely put a space behind the '< ' so it would show up, otherwise do not do it that way.) =)

Wanna copyright your name? Or something on your page?
& COPY; (Just leave out the space) don't forget to add the ;

Heres a forum thats on dogster that tells tells ya how to do all kinds of stuff.. Works on catster and dogster.

Have fun!!!

Angel Miss Kitty ♥

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Purred: Thu Nov 2, '06 12:15pm PST 
Thanks for the great tips, Maggie. My mom is going to try some of them. Do you know, perhaps, how to put music on a Plus page. The kind where it doesn't automatically play, I mean. Mom can load the ones from mbif but she doesn't have the know-how for the "advanced" stuff.
Purrs and thanks for the tips,
Miss Kitty

Shiloh(In- Loving- Memory)

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Purred: Thu Nov 2, '06 2:46pm PST 
Maggie! Thanks so much for those great tips!

Autumn - in my- ♥- foreve

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Purred: Thu Nov 2, '06 7:20pm PST 
Maggie-Kassie, thanks for the tips, you are such a smart little kitty.

Missy, my Perfect Angel Kitty

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Purred: Fri Nov 3, '06 2:25am PST 
Maggie-Kassie, you are such a smart kitty! Thanks for the tips!

Shiloh(In- Loving- Memory)

Well loved in- life, much- missed each day
Purred: Fri Nov 3, '06 7:49am PST 
does the image code only work if you have plus?

Maggie- Kassie (MK) - ♥

I'm an Angel- Princes
Purred: Fri Nov 3, '06 8:05am PST 
I believe so Shiloh, but I'll check with someone thats way smarter than me..

And I'll find out about the music issue too..

Kassie of- the Rainbow- Bridge

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Purred: Fri Nov 3, '06 8:11am PST 
Maggie-Kassie, your momma is a slow learner. Please tell me how I can put your name on my Catster page so that when clicked, it will go right to your page?

Read my new diary entry while you're there too.

Momma XOXO