Help, My cat won't cover his poop?!

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Sam, I am
Purred: Fri Oct 20, '06 11:12pm PST 
I have recently switched cat litters and now my 5 month old kitten won't cover his poop. I had always been using Scoop Away but the fragrance and dust was causing problems with my allergies so I switched to Swheat Scoop. Does this mean he dosen't like the new litter if he won't cover his poop? I'm definately not liking my house smelling of poop but switching back isn't a great option either....


Umbrella Girl
Purred: Sat Oct 21, '06 6:13am PST 
To Sam's mom--My cat Honey never covered her poop but she thinks she is because she waves her paw over it in the air and sometimes hits the side of the box. I tried holding her with one hand and using the other hand to make her paw cover the poop. It never lasted. I showed her that I covered the poop with the scooper. She didn't get it. I got her a litter box with a cover and I clean the poop out every day. I also spray with Oust to get rid of the smell.

Your kitty is very young and might train to the new litter with the "using his paw to cover it" technique or showing him the scooper doing it. If he even tries to cover it, praise him a lot. Or you could give up like I did and cover it yourself and spray. You might also look for a litter that doesn't bother your allergies but is more like what he had before.

This may or may not help you. I hope it does. Honey's mama

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Merlin - An Angel- Forever

Purred: Sat Oct 21, '06 9:52am PST 
Sometimes it takes time for a young feline to cover up the poop. Some felines just do not cover up the poop. I personally do not cover up my poop and I am 9 years old. I will scratch around in my litter box and get some litter on the poop but I leave the rest for my Human to cover up, mol.

Lucky Boo,- Loved &- Missed

Mommy's Guardian- Angel

Purred: Sat Oct 21, '06 11:21am PST 
I don't cover my poop either. I have a little problem with incontinance too... Mom's just happy when I make it to the litter box in time, regardless of whether I cover when I poop or not!


Humans Taste- Good
Purred: Sat Oct 21, '06 11:03pm PST 
HI! First my mommy wants me to tell you Samurai..You are ADORABLE!!

Now..as for covering your poop...not a big deal and actually..you're making it easier for your mommy to scoop your box..unlike me who digs to China in my litter box...and then cover it so she has to dig for buried treasure.

Now..Angel..my big sister who was 22 and sadly died yesterday, never covered her poop or pee in her litter box...but she also was never outside and never had to worry about predators which is why we cover and sniff and cover and sniff..to make sure no one knows were were there. Me on the other hand..mommy found me outside already and I learned to cover since I was a kitten out there and needed to hide from predators..it's all in instinct basically! Since Angel was never outside..she didn't know what a predator is and always felt safe she wasn't being hunted in the house so she never covered.

My mommy thinks not covering is a good thing though..it's right there..and scoop right away! I love watching her dig thru MY litter box..it's kind of funny! Sometimes I try to help..but she doesn't think I'm much help...I guess it's because I usually hit the shovel and knock it off! *giggle*

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Sam, I am
Purred: Sun Oct 22, '06 10:53am PST 
I guess I should have mentioned that Samurai always covered his poop prior to me switching his litters. I wouldn't care that he didn't cover it other than I can't have my house smelling like fresh poop! I scoop daily anyway, but at this rate I'm scooping 3-4 times a day which is overkill. I don't feel like this is a lack of instinct since he didn't have a problem before I switched litters.


Devilish- Darling!
Purred: Mon Oct 23, '06 2:35am PST 
Im now 4 years of age and I dont like to cover my own poor either, why should I when I have humans to take care of that business, Oh and from memory mum has sometimes forgot to flush the human toilet too so same thing.
Mums tried us with different litters and I still dont care to cover, I get too excited that I have done number 2s and sometimes number 1s that the most important thing is to quickly get out of the stinky litter box and run to make my announcement that I have done my business, my sister Impi doesnt care to cover very often either.
Your not alone.


I'm Fusky! (I'm- furry and I'm- husky!)
Purred: Thu Oct 26, '06 10:01am PST 
I use "S'Wheats" too. Sometimes I cover....sometimes I don't. It depends on my mood. I won't tell your cat that you said his poopy smells. My Mommy says the same thing about mine. She runs into the bathroom as soon as she knows that I went poopies. She says she can smell it for awhile, but the smell goes away after it is out of the box and flushed---which it why she likes the "S'Wheats."

I still say she is lying. It does not smell.
No smellin' here.

Or maybe it just smells like flowers.