fav potter book/movie?

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what is your favorite harry potter book or movie? we vote for PRISONER OF AZKABAN!!!


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Well, since Crookshanks is my favorite character (gee I wonder why), I think PoA was my favorite book. Mom can't decide which book she likes best, but maybe Order of the Phoenix. She also prefers the first two movies and really hopes the last three movies will stick to the books really well!

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Prisioner of Askaban

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Well for books I think Goblet Of Fire would be my pick. My Momma agrees. But for movies I really liked the Chamber Of Secrets but Momma chooses Prisoner Of Azkaban.


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Goblet of fire is my fav

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Got to change my favorite book now: Deathly Hallows! Wow, what an ending to the series! smile At least we have two more movies, and they should be fantastic! I guess I'll get to watch OotP when Mom brings it home on DVD, but she said it is EXCELLENT. Perhaps a little too short, which would have left time for certain plot elements to be fleshed out much better, but all in all a very emotional, intense movie.


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I have to say, the Deathly Hallows was the best.applause