Mom has brought in another little bugger!!


Ollie Rivers
Purred: Sat Jun 10, '06 10:57pm PST 
You never know what mom is gonna do...bring home smelly-good wet food, fresh catnip from outside, new sparkle balls...but today she brought home another brother for me! I'm not sure about him yet, but I think we'll be friends soon. Ive been looking out for him, he's only 3 weeks old, and his momma was killed, so mom brought him home and is taking real good care of him. Hopefully he'll be big enough to play soon!


Sneakus Outus- Maximus
Purred: Sat Jun 17, '06 1:48pm PST 
Our mom would do something like that!She loves ALL cats and thinks they're cute or something.Her boss tells her that she's probably going to end up in a house with 15 or 16 cats,to which she replies "yea,probably!"That will never happen here,however,since mom lives with her mom (the Infamous Cat Hater)!The CH has ordered her to get rid of us,meow!