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Bridge Kitty
Purred: Thu Mar 16, '06 12:20pm PST 
Welcome cats to "All Kitty, All the Time's" offical annual St. Patrick's Day Party!

The OFFICAL party isn't till St. Patrick's Day but today (March 16th) is the day of the "hype-up" party. It's just to get everycat in the mood for the grand St. Patrick's Day event!

Bring your friends! Bring your friend's friends! BRING YOURSELF most of all and just enjoy a great time. You do not have to be a member of "All Kitty, All the Time" to attend our event. Everyone is included.

Just so you all know there will be an after party on the 18th so that everycat can cool down after so much party hardy! Wooooot Woooot!

Just be sure that you're all in the St. Patrick's Day spirit! There will be a prize of one rosette given to the 2 cats with the most St. Patrick's Day spirit.

We'd like to give a special thanks to Truman who without this wouldn't be possible. Notice the giant shamrock? Classic tables, decorations, & lovely setting? All courtesy of Truman and his wonderful decorating skills.

We'd also like to thank Fallon, our lovely cook who has prepared our food for this event.

The following is a menu created by Ms. Fallon herself. All questions/compliments/concers about the food and/or menu should be sent to her via p-mail:
----------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------
Irish coffee(can't have a st paddy's party without it)
Leprechaun shake
St. Paddy's punch

Irish soda bread
Irish scones

Crab dip & fish crackers
Barbequed oysters
Steamed mussels
Shrimp eggrolls
Shrimp cocktail

Main courses:
Cod Cobbler
Baked stuffed herring
Corned beef
Scallop pie
Lamb stew
Chicken and dumplings
Irish egg drop soup

Butter cookies
Cream cheese sugar cookies
Shamrock silk pie
Apple shortbread pie
--------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------

I'd also like to thank our musical entertainment. My lovely brother Sunny is DJing and we may have a preformance or two from BRUCE & the C-Street Band

Anyways, I'd like to thank all of the members of "All Kitty, All the Time" for participating and making all of this possible.

Best & Happy St. Pats!

--Kitty & Fam

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Meezer MaMa!
Purred: Thu Mar 16, '06 12:35pm PST 
MOO BOO! Whoops... wrong forum. Hee hee

Mouse- ♥

The one and- only.
Purred: Thu Mar 16, '06 12:43pm PST 
I'm ready to party anytime.

Rockee Jones

Bringing Sexy- Back!
Purred: Thu Mar 16, '06 2:19pm PST 
WHOOO Kitty! I am ready to Par-tay! This St. Pat's party is going to be so great! The menu looks delicious & the decorations are simply divine!

We are definitely gonna' get down & get funky at this shindig!


Purred: Thu Mar 16, '06 5:22pm PST 
Fun! Let's party! Happy St Patty's day!!



I'm a lover, not- a fiighter!
Purred: Thu Mar 16, '06 5:33pm PST 
The party sounds like a blast!


Ray of Light
Purred: Thu Mar 16, '06 6:44pm PST 
Hiya Kitty!
Since we don't have any green outfits or nuthin', we made a silly singing movie with some irish kitty music to celebrate St Patty's Day. It's on my page and has some folks from the Pool Hall in it. We have had more kitties but we ran out of verses! MOL

Happy Pre- Patty Day!


Bridge Kitty
Purred: Fri Mar 17, '06 6:08am PST 


Bridge Kitty
Purred: Fri Mar 17, '06 6:09am PST 

Louis LeBeau- Cherished- Angel

I love- my fork-
Purred: Fri Mar 17, '06 6:47am PST 
The luck o' the Irish to you all! The menu looks fantastuic and I am ready to party.

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