Poll: How do you like to annoy your humans?

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No, you cannot- look at the- number.
Purred: Fri May 6, '05 2:19pm PST 
Here's my favorite way: When Mommy and Daddy are asleep, I tickle their faces with my whiskers. I also like to step on Mommy's hair so that it pulls when she turns her head to get away from my tickling whiskers.


Bandit- Extraordinaire
Purred: Fri May 6, '05 2:46pm PST 
Oh, let me count the ways.
I like to run across them in the mornings.
I like to continually meow real loud when they just get up until they feed me.
I like to bang the cabinet doors.
I like to open the cabinet doors (especially where they keep our treats & food)and leave them all wide open for them to see when they get home.
I like to eat the dog's food.
I'm sure there's more, but that's all that comes to my little mind right now.

Ivy Noel

Leave Me Alone!
Purred: Fri May 6, '05 2:48pm PST 
They have this TV in the bedroom that creaks so I sit up there real early in the morning and bathe myself and shift my weight around.


Snackypoo for- Pussydoo
Purred: Fri May 6, '05 2:58pm PST 
Oh! Boy! I have my mummy trained to jump out of bed at 5:30 a.m.to give me my breakfast, when I tap her on the head...IF she doesn't get up fast enough for my liking, I jump up on to a piece of furniture that has one of her favorite Elephant Foot Plants in a pot, and I start loudly ripping the leaves off it!! you should see how fast she springs out of bed!! Ha!, Ha! ...."No!, Pussydoo! Please not that!! ........Do I have control or what????

Natasha- *loved and- missed*

preow reow reow
Purred: Fri May 6, '05 5:18pm PST 
First I jump on Daddy, then I jump on Mommy while they are asleep, at about 3:00 am. Then when they open their eyes to see what's going on and pet me, I run away! HAHAHAHA! THen just as they go back to sleep, I jump on them again! TEE HEE!

I also like to defy gravity and run around the back of the computer chair sideways!


It's fur, not- fat. Really.
Purred: Sat May 7, '05 6:36am PST 
I find the old bait and switch gets the most satisfactory results. For example, I'll walk up to my Mommy and pose adorably and blink my big blue eyes at her and as soon as she begins to reach down to pet me or pick me up I tear off as if the hounds of heck are after me. Or I'll demand the presentation of my bedroom water cup (to be on the bedside table by 6 pm daily) then, as soon as it's in place, I'll sniff it, detect something inadequate about the presentation, raise my head so that my disdain can be fully noted, then flounce off. I'm lucky that I have very long fur because a flounce is far more effective with long fur.

Roxanne- (kitty- heaven)

Jacques' one and- only
Purred: Sat May 7, '05 8:05am PST 
Hey Rufus.....I used to do that, too! I tried to teach Zoe, but she never was good at playing "hard-to-get". Oh, well.


It's fur, not- fat. Really.
Purred: Sat May 7, '05 2:44pm PST 
Gee, Roxanne, that's too bad for Zoe. Yes, the humans love you a little more, I think, if you constantly make them work for it.

♥Amber♥ 1997-201

Wish I could get- those birds.
Purred: Sat May 7, '05 2:54pm PST 
I step on moms hair if she is laying down and I have to circle on & around her at least 3 times before I lay down on top of her.


Miss Bailey,- Attorney at Law
Purred: Sat May 7, '05 8:47pm PST 
Ha ha... Amber, you are so cute!! My mom's name is Amber. Let's see... how do I annoy my Amber (mom)? Well, I like to sleep on her head at night sometimes, and I also like to sleep and play on my puppy's newspaper that she has peed on... mmm... I love a good urine bath in the morning!

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