Super-skilled Kitties Needed for World Domination!

Travel to places around the world, make new furiends and pawty with them; let your imagination carry you away!

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From Now On,- You'll Do as I- Say
Purred: Sat Jan 14, '06 4:24pm PST 
*calls meeting to order*

Okay, comrades. The humans are really mucking up the world around us.. so, all in favor of us cats taking over, raise your paw and say "meow."

First order of business - we're going to need an army of kitties skilled in various trades. My own credentials include status as a ninja warrior, sous chef, and expert plant chewer.

No skill is too silly, so don't be shy. We're going to need kitties of all stripes and solids.

So.. who's with me?


From Now On,- You'll Do as I- Say
Purred: Tue Feb 28, '06 4:17pm PST 
Most excellent! We have new recruits joining us.. we rescued Lilly.. we are back on the path to world domination!

Lilly, you rest up because we need you! Jeter and Kitty, GREAT work!

*pins decorative medals on collars*

We need to start our new plan of action! Wait.. what is our plan??

Quick, someone come up with a plan!!

Mylo- 1989-2009

Sweet Bridge- Angel
Purred: Sat Jan 14, '06 5:33pm PST 
We just had to come tell you how adorable you are and what beautiful stripes you have!

OK, my skill...I am the Pukester, able to hurl food at a single heave.
I can also howl loudly as to create a diversion if need be.
I am good at stealing food, too!

Bootzie - **Rainbow- Bridge**

This Rainbow- kitty loves- Patches
Purred: Sat Jan 14, '06 5:36pm PST 
I am great at disappearing. One minute I am here, the next ..Poof!
I can also fly, which I think could come in handy.

Felica 1988 - 2007

Lady Fee, our- little angel
Purred: Sat Jan 14, '06 5:42pm PST 
I am Felica, my talents are known far and wide! MOL
I am very tiny and can squeeze into tight areas.

Oh, and Mylo forgot one talent…he is expert at knocking over trash pails!

Gysmo (My- heart )- 1996-2013

Miranda, my love
Purred: Sat Jan 14, '06 5:47pm PST 
Ok, I am the last of the Fuzz family...
My skills...hum, I am cute? Wait ....I am fluffy? I snuggle?
There has to be something.....
I know, I win at King of the Mountain every time!!! Hurrah, I knew there was something. *smiles happily*

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Purred: Sat Jan 14, '06 6:37pm PST 
Excellent, like minded individuals.

As you may be able to see from my picture, I am an Evil Genius.

My skills include Canine Ambush. I also keep my human tired and dull by keeping her sleep deprived. If it were not for that whole swimming deal, I would be a Navy SEAL. Easy peasy.


show me the hair
Purred: Sat Jan 14, '06 6:46pm PST 
I dont know how well what I do will come in handy but I have a skill of sucking on hair.


From Now On,- You'll Do as I- Say
Purred: Sat Jan 14, '06 6:53pm PST 
Gysmo, don't write off your cuteness as a skill - remember Mata Hari and how she used her looks to create a vast web of lies and spydom!

So far, our combined talents include: evil geniusry, upchucking, acrobatic flexibility, thievery, escape asrtistry (that's you, Bootzie!), dog diversion and ambush, yowling, and sleep deprivation.

I like where your head is at, Kiko - we definitely could play on the humans' crazy sleep deprivation. If only they had our ability to fall deeply asleep at a moments notice - that will be their downfall and our advantage! Genius! Truly EVIL genius!

Mwah ha hah hah ha.

Um, ok.. enough masterminding for now. In other news, I like marshmallows smile


I love you Bob!!
Purred: Sat Jan 14, '06 6:59pm PST 
do you like to eat marshmallows?

I like to play with them I have tried to eat them b4 but I made a huge huge mess. I ended up with it all over my face and all over the floor. MOL

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