We Siberians are really smart.

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♥ Liliya Zimah Taiga

Lily Flower
Purred: Sun Jan 6, '08 4:19pm PST 
I've been caught doing some amazing things recently. I opened the latch on a small wooden box and managed to pick up my laser pointer from inside the box with my teeth. Well, it fell on the floor. I just sat there on the end table staring at it, until I decided I had to go get it. I jumped down from the table, picked up the laser pointer with my teeth, jumped back on the end table, dropped the laser pointer back in the box, and then I closed the lid. I figured out that I can't make this thing work without a human and the human can't find it if it's not in the box. Now, I just knock the entire box in the floor and bat it towards the human until they get the laser pointer out and play with me. What's a cat to do?kitty