Scottish Fold and their So Called DNA Defects

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Hi there, my Scottish Fold just had to be put to sleep because he became paralyzed the other day. His back bones had not more cartlayge and the bones fused together. They fused bones grew and damaged his spinal cord. After doing some research I find a lot of things. 1 average life 1 site said 9 to 15 years 1 said 12 to 14 years. Mine was 12 years 10 days. Is that right, do you agree that's the life span. Another site said they are so rugged they can so into their teen and live will beyound 19. What is you opinion. From my futher research, I found that unresponsible breeders will breed to folded ear cats together to increas their odds that the folded ear will happen. Doing that causes this genetic defect, which cause my cat's spine to fuse and damage his spinal cord. I'm am so upset over this news. Does anyone have insight, suggestions on what to do in the future. I'm am so lost with out my little buddy. I some day want to buy another Fold, but I don't want to put him down in 12 years again. I want that 19 + years, Please, tell me your story, fact's you've heard or have. Anything to help me. I've got 3 other cats and they are just not the same as a fold, but I can't buy another with just a 12 year life span. So I also need ideas on how to locate a real breeder not a kitty mill or in my case a pet store that gave me a run around about how they screen thei cat breeders. Thanks Scotty Monsters Owner .... Big Buddy!!!


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I love my Scottish Folds, and don't know what I would do without them. I am very sorry for your loss.

I spent quite a bit of time looking into breeders when I decided to get a Fold. I was lucky; there is a FANTASTIC breeder in the town where I live. She is very communicative, and answered all of my questions. I was able to go and visit the kitten that I chose until he was ready to come and join my family. That's one good way to choose a breeder; they should keep the kittens until they are at least 12 weeks old. They need to be socialized, thoroughly weaned, and eating solid food before they join your household. Also, the first vet appointment and visit should be done by the breeder to make sure everything is okay. Usually, they have you formalize an agreement that states that if you decide that you can no longer care for the cat, that the breeder has the first option of taking the cat back. If the person you obtain the cat from doesn't care much about you, your household, and how you will take care of the cat, then they are NOT a good breeder, and should be avoided. I don't recommend buying through a pet store. I heard some stories about a terrible breeder who sold her kittens to pet stores from the lady I bought my cat from. She continually goes to stores in this area to check and make sure the kittens this lady puts out are okay. She has a folded ear female that she will breed to any stray, and claims that they are purebred. As you stated in your original message, serious issues can develop when you cross-breed to folded ear cats together.

As for age, I think it depends on so many different factors. Are they an indoor, or outdoor cat? Male or female? Altered, or not? What type of food they are given, and the veterinarian care they received? There are no guarantees in life, so I don't think you can say for sure that one cat will live to be 19, and another will only live to be 12. I wish they had the same lifespan as humans, but alas........It pains me to think that I might outlive my two beautiful cats. I try to make each day count, and play with them as much as I can. They bring so much joy to our human lives, no matter what breed, and I think we are lucky for however many days they share with us.

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Hi my name is WC mom used to breed me but only to american shorthairs, she quit breeding me when I was about 4 years old I produced four litters of kittens, but mom decided that there are to many unwanted kits of all breeds that, she got me fixed, so now I"m just a chillin kit.

But there are not so nice breeders that will breed a fold to a fold, if the kits will have spinal problems they usually have a very thick unflexable and short tail there is a fusing problem in the vertebrea well that is the way mom understands it.

Yeah Magic I'm glad your furmaly adopted a rescue.

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Sorry to hear your story, it is sad when breeders are not responsible...in regards to time span of life I just wanted to share my opinion. When I get an animal I dont think in regards to the life span but the quantity of life we will have together. I have had cats for the last 27 years, the first lived to 18, in my clan I got a scottish fold, straight eared. He was healthy right up until at 7 seven he became sick and found he had renal failure.. I still miss him lots, but even tho he was not around as long as I expected he gave me alot in those 7 years, I would of rather had him that short time and have what he gave me than to not of had him in my life at all. I have also gotten a boxer dog,, who is now 2 1/2, when I got him someone said to me, why a boxer they dont have a long life span... my comment was... I have known people who have unfortunately pasted and I was blessed to only know them a few years... and they added alot to my life... and I have also known and still know people that have been around for years and have given me nothing...LOL... so time is not the issue. Thankfully so far my boxer is fine... if god forbid something happens today... he has added to my life soo much that I cant measure. We also now have a new sibling in the family, Niko a now 11 week old fold/munchkin cross and what a joy to have a kitten around again... SO my opinion is jump in, get another fold if that is what you want and just enjoy every day that you have with it, and think what if it was the other way around,,, you get a pet and something happens to you... that poor animal is left without its loved parent. Life cant be judged on what amount of time is estimated as the only one that can really have the final word on that is the higher power.. who ever he or she may be...
good luck, hug