Am I a Russian Blue?

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Hello, I got this kitten two weeks ago, I named her Nyx. I was wandering if she could be a Russian Blue. I didn't get any papers with her because it was a gift from my aunt, but she fits in all of the breeds characteristics.
I was hoping you guys could help me out! smile

Ok, I'm having some troubles posting the pictures, but you can see them in my profile:

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She looks a lot like our Russian Blue (who has papers). Did you find anything more about her?


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I probably wont be able to get any paper to prove her breed but she's 6 months old now and looks just like any russian blue I googled.. Even her eyes that were a yellowish are now completly green.. I'll take a picture of her and post here! Is there any kind of test or exam to identify the breed? And thank you for your reply, I bet your cat is lovely! wink

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She is quite lovely. I answered your post earlier. I think that you can have your pet's DNA tested. I've seen it for dogs, so I'd think it's available for cats. Nonetheless, Nyx is a lovely cat and I bet a wonderful companion.

We got our RB because of my allergies. She's a bit of a terror right now because she's going through a heat cycle. We have to have her spayed soon. We won't receive her "official" papers until we show she's been spayed.