How to find a reputable breeder/rescue

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First off, I am not looking to adopt/purchase a cat now, but will be in about 8-9 months after I graduate from college.
I am currently doing some research into how to choose a cat and what age/type will fit best into my household (just me and my Yellow Lab service dog Pebbles).
I have fallen in love with the Russian Blue breed --I've read all about them and their traits sound like exactly what I'm looking for in a cat.
Now, the cat doesn't have to be pure. I'd be perfectly content with a mix.
How do you find a responsible, reputable Russian Blue breeder? I saw that there's one in Texas in Cat Fancy magazine, but I'm wary of magazine ads.
I'm also looking for a Russian Blue rescue --I would prefer adopting a Russian, but would consider a breeder if they are responsible and the cats are all healthy.
I see some Russians listed on Petfinder --but how do I tell if they really are the breed or a mix of the breed?
Again, just doing some research. If I do not find a Russian, I'd still be very happy to have a regular mixed moggle cat --I've wanted a cat for so long (but I live in the dorm now, so I have to wait until I graduate and move.)

Thanks for any help/head butts in the right direction.


You will never- find my stash of- pieces!!
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Anyone? Any tips/suggestions/pushes in the right direction?


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You are off to a great start, because you're doing you're homework first! The Russian Blue breed is incredible. I wasn't looking for a cat at all, just browsing the shelter/rescue pages for dogs and clicked on cats and the first page had my precious little Dixie on it. I spent hours looking at cat pictures and reading stories, but kept coming back to Dixie. If you do a search for shelters and cat rescues for your area and then do an advanced search for Russian Blue breeds, you will find many kittens & cats waiting for adoptions. Likewise, if you want to get your cat from a breeder, just do a search using keywords of Russian Blue & breeders & and your city. Click on Dixie's picture to get an enlarged picture of how adorable she is. She has doubled in size since I got her and is getting a sophisticated cat look to her. Good luck with your search.

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You will never- find my stash of- pieces!!
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Thank you so much, Dixie for your help! big grin


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I know this is relatively late but I've got to tell my story. We did a lot of research before we decided on a breed for our first cat. We're in our 50's. The Russian Blue kept coming up as a breed that was perfect for us. When we finally decided to do it we found it hard to find an available kitten. We finally found a breeder who had one who would be available in a few weeks and somehow we tugged at her heart and she decided to let us purchase one of her babies. When I went to her house I was amazed to find a very clean home with her kittens living amongst her family. I picked out our baby. She is by far the best decision we have ever made in our life. She is a loving, well adjusted, funny....perfect companion. Who said blues weren't lap cats? If I'm sitting, she's not far from my lap! She's on it right now.

I'm convinced that her breeding is the reason. I drove 6 hours each way to pick our baby up. I'd do it again in a minute. Beth Bernard of Archangels Cattery in New Jersey is the best!