Specific question of the breed.

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Purred: Thu Oct 23, '08 3:55pm PST 
Hey all. Im new here. My babys name is Sheba. Before I ask my question just some back ground on my baby.
Sheis just a bit ove r1 yrs old and she is not a full Russin Blue. Her mother was a pure bred Russina Blue who is/was registered with NAPCR and also a champion show cat. I dont know the full story but ..Tragically her owner died and the cat got outside and no one could find her so over time she adapted to being a wildcat and some of the formers owners neighbors have been looking out for her for I guess some 7 yrs taking her litters from her and careing for them themselves adopting them out.
I suspect she may have mated with some form of tigered domestic since Sheba has some light tiger stripes along her tail.
Other than that she has about 90% of the Blue features as far as I have been able to compare. In regular light she looks dark grey but in certain types of lighting you can tell she is blue and you can always see the silver accents. She has mave foot pads and her "toes" are silver.
Its getting cold here now and I have been noticeing she has been coming to me a lot more than usual to curl up. I will wrap her in my sweater usually just to get her warmth but Im starting to think shes doing it because she is cold and she needs me to warm her.
Ive tried internet search but I havent found anything saying they need help in colder months to stay warm.
My other cat.(domestic long medium hair) already has her winter coat but Sheba appears very thin almost siameze like and I dont think she has that double coat like pure blues..
Does anyone know if this breed needs help in the colder months to keep warm?


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Purred: Sun Feb 1, '09 12:14am PST 
Hi Sheba,

I've had my Blue for a few years now, but if a room in the house is a bit chilly then she'll crawl under a blanket or lay near the heater. I thinks it's a trait of most cats to gravitate towards warmth and heat.

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Purred: Tue Feb 17, '09 3:18pm PST 
I've noticed this with my Blue, too. With other cats I've owned, they don't mind a snuggle here or there, but my Blue will come up when we're sitting on the couch and he'll dig until he's burrowed himself in under the blanket. Last year he snuggled himself under the blanket and didn't come out for several hours. He seems to have a double coat, though, so I always associated it with the fact that we keep our heat low and we have wood floors, which I know he hates to sit on.

Maybe your cat just has a chill or doesn't have as much body fat. If you're really concerned about it, you could buy her a few sweaters and see how she handles those. If she gets hot she'll try to take them off, then you'll know. It could also be maybe she's snuggling with you to keep you warm. Hard to say.


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I don't know if it's that RBs are prone to being cold, but I just adopted my second RB, and they both seem to love to snuggle. I think they're just super-affectionate cats.


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My blue doenst care to be under the blankets. But he is a snuggler and lover. He does like to get on my lap or up on my chest if i am covered with a blanket. Smokey( my blue) doenst like to sleep on the floor so he usually is on the couch, in our bed or one of our laps. i think it must be to drafty. Also we have a townhouse and he spends most of the day when we are gone up in our bed because its warmer than the downstairs. Maybe they are just a bit cold blooded


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I think that maybe they do have a tendency to get cold. I have noticed that Stinker spends a lot of time snuggled under the duvet when it is cooler and also seeks out my lap or legs to snuggle against more often when it is cold. Sometimes he even shivers a little bit! I have threatened to get him a sweater but I don't think that his dignity would stand for it, lol! My parents even noticed it when they were visiting this winter. Luckily for him, we live in sunny San Diego!