Ragdoll NOT liking Snuggling

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I have a beautiful ragdoll that is just shy of a year old. She does not like to be held or snuggled with at all! I have another cat who is 2 years old, and they simply adore one another. They clean each other, sleep side by side -basically inseperatable.

Why does my ragdoll not like to snuggle with any of my family, but rather prefers the other cat? This other cat IS a snuggler. I can't figure it out.


Purred: Wed Aug 14, '13 4:00pm PST 
Well, this probably isn't a lot of help but I have ragdoll who isn't at all cuddly either. I usually just pick him up for 30 seconds or come to him if he's laying down..just to get it out of my system. smile I don't know if you can change your cats personality if there's nothing wrong with him/her.