What color do I put for my Bio?

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The world's a- toy
Purred: Thu Jun 21, '07 9:26pm PST 
So...I was filling out my bio & I didn't know what "coloration" fits me best. What do you think?

I'm also in the middle of thinking of a name...


The Purranator
Purred: Tue Jun 26, '07 1:11pm PST 
Arent you a seal bicolor Aden? If so, just put bicolor. There isnt an option for Seal Bicolor, just plain 'ol bicolor will do way to go . Thats what I did cheer

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linus loe

love bug
Purred: Mon Oct 29, '07 11:35am PST 
you are a seal bi/color for sure and a very pretty one


Codependent- Kitty
Purred: Mon Dec 10, '07 5:56pm PST 
Aw you are very pretty! You look like my littermate. smile

Wendy Bird

"Pet Me!"
Purred: Thu Dec 20, '07 8:03pm PST 
Yup, a seal bi-color. I am a seal tortie

Sunshine- Annie

Purred: Thu Mar 6, '08 3:49pm PST 
Hi Aden wink

I am also a Seal bi-color, but I didn't notice that distinction in the selection. I simply listed myself as a bi-color.

Penny (in- loving- memory)

Lucky Penny
Purred: Sat Apr 19, '08 7:42pm PST 
you are a very beautiful seal bicolor just like me...