Help finding the right food for persian

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♥ Bella

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Purred: Fri Oct 24, '08 4:41pm PST 
Hello. I just adopted Bella from a WONDERFUL breeder. She feeds a mix of Iams, SD, Royal Canin, I can't remember what else.. a lot so the kitten will adjust well. She said avoderm was good when I wanted a no by product really good food for Bella.
I got wellness thinking it looks even more natural, but I've read on the regular area of catster that a lot of other non persians (but cats) don't do that well..
anyway.. am I jumping the gun here? I've had her 6 days.. she was SLOWLY brought from 75/25,50/50, 25/75 and now 100% wellness.. her poop went runny.. a little thicker than the 1st day 100% on wellness (pudding) to a shape but not formed.. still drippings on her cute little butt I have to clean confused ....
with a little clear runny in it. SHe's just been to the vet tuesday and was free (of course; she's from a TOP CFA champion/grand champion cattery; very small and clean) of any parastites,etc.. etc.. vet (35 yr vet) said one of the healthiest kittens he's seen in a LONG time. smile "perfect".
he liked that she was eating wellness..
Is it too soon to say wellness is too rich for Bella?

I'm sure it is, this is day 2 on 100% wellness.. if this continues for HOW long would you say ... that you'd conclude that wellness is too rich?

It's kitten wellness.. it looks SOOO good..

I wanted a food from Pet Co (only 10 min) away that I could feed. They carrry avoderm but not kitten... pets mart does.. which I can get but have to drive, they have royal canin baby cat/kitten then later persian 30, blue but they don't carry much kitten at pet coshrug

so I'm at a LOSS as to what to feed.. there are SOOO many GREAT foods, but I"m in a SMALL town and it would literally be an HOUR drive total or more to get food, or shipped in! frown

I've feed merrick to my dog in the past and it's pretty rich too and she had runny stools.. maybe wellness is just too rich??

I'm SCARED to feed core, or EVO to a kitten.. she's only 2.6 lbs! I REALLY feel STRONGLY she needs "kitten" food...

My mom feeds Purina Pro Plan.. to her 14 YEAR old shaded silver persian with great health.. they make kitten.. it has some by products.. but is 40% protein..

I know they say cats don't need grains but as in the research with breeders of the dog I had.. they just do better on some grains... and not cheap Wal mart foods.. but good foods vs grain free..

I am a dry food girl.. I feel that since it's SO hard to brush a cats teeth the vet even said "good luck w/ that'... they NEED dry.. wet does not keep teeth nice.. it ruins them w/ the sugars on the food and stays on teeth! GROSS>. I don't feed wet as long as they drink well and don't have kidney issues my vet specifically said these words.. dry is best..
plus wet is messy .. my and the breeders and vets opinions...

Looking for WHY my breeder said to use Iams adult hairball for 3 days mixed w/ wellness to clear her up.. wouldn't that have more fiber and that is helping to pass hairballs .. my breeder is thinking will help firm up stools???
if so.. then why wouldn't sprinkling on a little benefiber help and keep her off YUCK food like iams?? be better??? (just thinking out loud)...
vs switching foods...

Again, she's only been on wellness 2- almost 3 days.. but this poop cannot be good for a 2lb kitten..

I'll call the vet if it does not get better.. again, she is PERFECTLY healhty and had a FULL work up tuesday as a new patient...

(I know some "food concerns' are really medical; that's why I stated this is not medical)...

her poops were normal when I got her..

I just wonder if all these 5 star (dog food ratings) but SAME brands are too rich for most cats/dogs???

ANY ideas??



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Hello! Selene's breeder recommends Royal Canin for Persians because Persians are susceptible to crystals forming in their urine and Royal Canin is PH balanced help stop the crystals from forming.

Her vet said a combination of Royal Canin and Wellness would be a good combination of foods to give her so that's what she has been eating these past few days.