Sir Walter Goob say "Good Day to All!!!"

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Sir Walter- Goob **RIP**- Nov 13

The F U look!
Purred: Wed Nov 7, '07 11:09am PST 
(So my human women is typing for me since my eyes are failing me)

Just wanted to say hello to all older cat ladies. My name is Sir Walter Goob. My friends call me Goob. I was born in England then traveled in my teens here in the States.

I have just recently retired from being a stud and move into a retirement home but I still have plenty of life in me but seemly these old bones needs to take many naps.

Sir Waltor Goob

Angel- Heart's- SilverMoon- Light

Dancing Girl
Purred: Thu Mar 27, '08 8:23pm PST 
Oh Sir Goob,
Yous so handsome. Yous makes my 4 year old heart go pitter patter. Yous shoulds writes me and bes my friend.