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We all moved to Revolution too - though we don't go outside AT all! Since it also takes care of a few intestinal bugs, fleas, flea larva, etc... (and your vet can call in the script - or have PetMeds do it for you), they ship for free and it's much cheaper than our vets!!

hehhe I hear ya!! Sandy aka Sandia baby gives whisker kisses, can sit pretty as can be and knows how to shake and give high *5's*... but when I break the cap on her Revolution, I almost have to SIT on her - it's like a wild feral !!!

The other's just don't like the "medicine" smell - and all hiss about each other for that day, then get OVER it hehehe

The "new" girls Dora and KC came with Brewers Yeast with a touch of garlic to sprinkle on their food. OhMyGosh that makes everyone want to eat whatever food it's on, and CHOW down - so Meow Mom was worried we would all get even bigger laugh out loud so currently that is on the "back burner" -- but doing web research as I think that was something that also helped with fleas... maybe not all the other great things Revolution does - and now with 6 of us "kids" - the cost may make Meow Mom do some internet searching and reading of her own to find something as good for less?? LOL

Will keep on eye on this to see who else chimes in about what they find they like too!

Purrs and Meows

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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > Dora and Kay Cee's new home!
Dora (April 1998 - January 201

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wave Thanks everyone, the love given to us by our "new" precious girls makes my heart alive. People don't know what they are missing when they get to save an older cat (or two smile that have known such love, they have so much more to give back.

Awww I read about your two kitties and Adore their stories! They also have a very special Meow Mom!! hehhe about teeth cleaning every 6 months and not being able to use a tooth brush.

Can't wait to try and get all 6 cats on my chair and 1/2 for our next Christmas photo.

Will post the Chair and 1/2 Four cat Xmas photo on our Bonnie's page - who knew they made chairs this size for multiple Meow Moms

Dora and Kay Cee's proud new Meow Momlaugh out loud

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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > Dora and Kay Cee's new home!

Dora (April 1998 - January 201

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Dora and Kay Cee are sister Himalyian/Siamese cats that lived across the street from each other with Sister family members. One passed away a year ago, so the other sister took Kay Cee back into her home to reunite the "sister" cats. When she passed away Jan 31, 09 these 2 sweet (almost 11 year old) "girls" were brought to me to foster.

Dora, the one who most recently lost her meow-mom had stress fractures of white showing in her beautiful stunning blue eyes and tried to lay down and die!! Having adopted 2 older cats previously, I am thankful I knew what to do and they came to me to foster.

Weeks turned into months, and once anyone found out their age, they were not going to get adopted.

My loving husband knowing their chances, gave me another wonderful moment in our long marriage - IF you want to keep these girls, I was told, you can not foster anymore.

How could I look into these 2 girls eyes and tell them I didn't want them either! Though we travel with 4 other cats around the country, I quickly said YES! Papers signed, microchips in place all 6 loaded into the back end of my "cat" SUV - with a guard gate behind the front seats, off we went.

While fosters are always needed and I will miss helping out, I know these 2 "girls" will never know another home, get every treat their mommies wrote that they liked and would like to introduce the Newest Members of our Family --- Dora and Kay Cee!

Not talky Himalyians' they did however "find" their voices (*squeak*) during our days driving. We are now set down for a few months, and they are beginning the slow process of getting to know Bonnie (age 14), Olive (11), Lucky Streak (6) and Sandy Sandia (4).


Thank you Lois and Carolyn for giving these girls their first homes for almost 11 years, and I promise they are being loved, getting their treaties and 1/2 and 1/2 cream, and Dora has overcome her extreme grief and given her love to me already.

You have given me thoughts about arrangements to make AHEAD of time when I get older, as you did with your sweet girls and we all should think about.

Sincerely, Debbie aka Crazy Cat Lady aka Head Wench aka Meow Mom of SIX now smile

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Siamese > What kind of Siamese am i?

Dora (April 1998 - January 201

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Seal Point, RagDoll, Himalyian??

All we know is we are working HARD on our foster Meow-Mom to keep us laugh out loud

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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > I get to stay with my Foster Daddy!

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YES! cheer

WTG for sticking to your cat-a-tude and making your Foster daddy keep you laugh out loud

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Siamese > What kind of Siamese am i?
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Another request for What ARE we? smile

Dora and KC came to me at 10 years old after losing their meow-mom - as their foster I was told they are "Siamese"... but... ok yes stunning blue eyes, medium to long fur... but WHAT are we??

Thank you everyone - more photo's if these are not good enough! Foster mom has gone crazy with digital camera lately as we are coming around and being... ourselves!

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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > Siamese \"Sister\" Cats looking for quiet home!

Dora (April 1998 - January 201

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Dora and KC are ready to bond to new people cheer

Dora was so sad when these sister Siamese cats came into my home as fosters... Dora lost her mom Jan 31. I spent extra time with her to keep her from pining away, and she has come through with flying colors. She really wants to bond with someone NOW!

Her sister KC lost her 1st mom (the sister of Dora's).. 1 1/2 ago, moved in with her sister then lost her next mom! She is more outgoing and VERY playful (like a 3 year old hahaha).

In my humble (and maybe crazy opinion), Dora is really opened up and very ready to bond with her new person, while I think KC is going to take a little longer to make that final "bond"... she is a very sweet "fluff" of a cat, who loves to play but may hold off from loving you until she makes sure YOU are going to stick around smile Just my own personal opinion!

They LOVE to be brushed, don't meow at all, but can HISS up a storm when my "boy" cat wants to chase them smile

Neither seem to want to be "top cat" ... which is GOOD because we have 2 alpha females already! ha ha

Dora would rather sit on your lap for a while, look out a window or play a little.... KC has fallen in love with my couch, and hisses at anyone who tells her (our other cats) that isn't her spot - it is NOW she says, and she adores playing with string toys and fuzzy mice, loves being brushed and looks forward to her taste of 1/2 and 1/2 once a day.

We travel from Tucson, AZ toward near Dallas, TX leaving on March 23rd... IF you contact the rescue group I foster for and qualify through them, I would be MORE than willing to bring them with us to their new, wonderful home.

These "older" girls really DO deserve a good home - they both are in good health, each have their own covered kitty boxes, a box full of toys, kitty dishes, and KC has her carpet cube she likes to play in ;-)

They STILL have alot of love to give!

Please contact Casa de los Gatos in Tucson, AZ (on Petfinders as well) and ask about Dora and KC, the sister Siamese.

thank you - their foster mom

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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > Tempted to Keep your Foster?

Dora (April 1998 - January 201

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It's so hard too I think because we know their story, and they bond with the people they are with. How can we not love our Fosters, and not fall in love with them too.

The 2 new older gals I just got into foster, Dora and Kay Cee were almost in shock when they came, but I love and hope I understand cats after fostering many. These 2 are now are looking up to me to be their new mom.

It's hard too, because I have a fondess for adopting older cats (See Bonnie and Olive smile.

But I know in my heart, there is a home where for them and that I am making them ready for it.

I hang on to the belief that there IS somene who is meant for our fosters, if it's us - YEAH - if we know we just can't for whatever reason - then they are meant for someone else's home.

?? (((Hugs))) A hard stuggle for sure!

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