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mr planteater
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My five year old Domestic Longhair that I adopted from the local Pound in September has had no litter box issues until today.
Last night he had a hairball within a couple inches of his litter box. I cleaned it up with a product called Woolite Pet. The carpet looked fine.
Late this morning I noticed he was rolling around in the bathroom with the bath mat. When i went in there I found a normal, formed bowel movement such as I am used to finding in the litter box when I scrape it. Usually I scrape twice a day, I use "World's Best Cat Litter" and he is an only child.
I cleaned up the bath mat and put some treats on there to discourage him from using it again. He followed me into the room where the Litter Box is and hopped on the window sill.
I noticed the area around the box was still damp and wondered if that was why he still was not interested in using it. I took a towel and dried it.
There is another litter box, it is really small for him and it is on a tile floor and no where near where he had his hair ball/
Looking for ways to attract him back to the litter boxes?
Anything anyone has tried with their cat/s?
PS the cats name ia MacKenna, since George went to the Rainbow Bridge in August. I can't seem to change the name in the sig.

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Persian > Curious about your food

mr planteater
Purred: Tue Sep 16, '08 8:58pm PST 
I eat Royal Canin Persian 30, same as Thoth up a few posts. My mommy likes that I get less hairballs and my fur is silky and soft.
SOmetimes for a treat, or when it is hot outside, she gives me a little canned Fancy Feast, I like the chicken with gravy.
I don't like most "cat treats" and I don't like humans' food, but I do like mommy's beautiful spider plant---wishes

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Persian > Why do people in cat shows toss Persians up and down?


mr planteater
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i would be disgusted if they tossed me up and down in a show!
the proper way to handle a Persian is the same as the proper way to handle any cat, to provide for security and safety of the cat!
human paws should be under some portion of the front and some portion of the back legs
little contact may be desirable to keep the grooming nice but the first consideration should be the safety of the cat: smile

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