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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > Trying to help Very small Feral Non-Profit in Madison, Ohio!
Lucky Streak

Lucky I can- streak and- wasn't drowned
Purred: Wed May 15, '13 6:23pm PST 
I learned about Holy Cat Whiskers and their mission to shelter feral cats, fix them and try to find them good homes.

As an owner of 4 older rescued or adopted cats I'm determined to try and raise funds for them and have made an Incredible Queen sized quilt that has nearly 1500 pieces in it.

For as little as $10.00 you can join in donating to this group (100% of the money WILL go to them), and for every $10 - you get 1 ticket into a drawing to win this quilt.

When I lost two of our older babies last year, it was heartbreaking but we still have 4 ages 17 down to 8! If I can't "help" by adopting another one, this is my way of saying Thank you Catster for Loving our Cats like we do, and Thank you for helping raise awareness of the plight of Feral cats everywhere.

Here is where the Fund-Raiser is located and many Purrs

http://www.crowdrise.com/easystreetquilt/fundraiser/HeadWen ch

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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > We are struggling
Lucky Streak

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Purred: Mon Jun 15, '09 3:21am PST 
Is Cash back home now??

A few tips - I never put a "new" kitty into my house WITH my other cats - they start in a spare bedroom or bathroom for 2 weeks at least - first in case they "have" something (normally it's URI from being at a shelter or from the stress of their new home)...

I also have a towel rolled up so the cats can ALMOST smell each other, but not quiet get to each other... Slowly introducing them helps them work through some "issues" early on.

Second - Six months minimum!!! That is what I tell adoptive meow parents! When you put cats in your home with someone already there - wait a minimum of 6 months! You will see a great change then, and again 2 years after they have been together it becomes a life-time changing event.

All our paws crossed for Cash to get back home healthy!!!!

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Cat Health > How long can a cat go without peeing? What's normal?

Lucky Streak

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Purred: Thu Apr 23, '09 12:13am PST 
OHH Meow Mom is so right! I love the spots and strips and the every so cute "M" on it's head!!! hmm a M males name?

Aww BooBoo you will come to LOVE "it" we are sure!! Our meow mom uses the 6 month rule of thumb on cats that are over 1 year old... By six months you two will be GREAT friends and then another BIG leap of faith will happen after the 2nd year your new friend is still there.

We LOVE that your got an already declawed cat - he wasn't feral at all, just what our Meow Mom calls a hard - stray :-( How sad his previous folks gave UP looking for him!!!

We all think "It" is just handsome as can be and look forward to the naming!! hehehe Maybe Bathmat Bonnie and our Chunky Monkey Lucky Streak can come over and help protect IT from BooBoo should the need arise ;-)


Congratulations IT and BooBoo!!! WTG Meow Mom

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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > I Am Lost :(

Lucky Streak

Lucky I can- streak and- wasn't drowned
Purred: Wed Apr 15, '09 11:47pm PST 
Oh how I wish I lived right there to help you!

Get fresh food and dry food out the door you think kitty got out - Do this every night at dusk... Make a BIG deal about rattling the dry food bag, calling the cat (even though it's not likely to respond), make this into a serious routine.

Also a good idea to get a trap, but don't put any food into it right away... Ever move anything in your home an inch or two? How many days did it take for kitty to stop thinking it was NEW?? smile

This is how they will act when trapping, so put the trap near the food and water, but LOCK it open for at least 1 week. I use dish towels to line the inside of my traps, and a small bungie cord to lock the front door open. After 1 week Jack Mackrel (stinks to high heaven, but if your cat likes fishy things will draw every cat for miles to YOUR area hahaha)... or use your cats favorite treatie food and worry about diet, etc.. later smile

CatsintheBag.org is a wonderful source of info as well as MissingCatAssistance on yahoo groups (and here too !!)...

I've been helping people with lost cats for years in person and on the internet, with many great success stories - SO many paws crossed your kitty is one we all get to read about!

If your kitty was an indoor only, you may not see it for 2 weeks or more depending on how much of a scared indoor cat it was - But it must have fresh water and food so make sure it's right there to keep kitty closer to your home - Right, Indoor only lost cats won't be more than about 5 houses away and hiding deeply. A great flashlight and searching (the lights shines on cat eyes different so it's good to also look around at night).

Be sure to look up trees, and under or in anything 6" or bigger (amazing how small of spaces they can get into!)...

Flyers, Flyers, Flyers - Simple info - LOST CAT - BIG CLEAR PHOTO, Number 24/7 someone can reach you at - How much effort you put into your search, flyers, going to shelter, Animal Humane, etc... equals the difference between getting your cat back home, or giving up "thinking" it would just come home if not... a, b, c ...

cry So sorry to hear and hope to read a great story about your cats return SOON!

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Grooming > manx keeps getting icky?

Lucky Streak

Lucky I can- streak and- wasn't drowned
Purred: Tue Mar 3, '09 2:40am PST 
I rescued a Manx kitten once and got it right into a rescue group that knew about this! They said it has something to do with the no tail thing, and special care is needed! Find a good vet or groomer (or maybe even breeders of manx cats) where they can tell you the special needs of having this kind of cat!

It wasn't like just getting a rear end shaving, Manx also need something more... sorry I can't remember it was a few years ago and Meow-Mom is uhh forgetful?

HEY don't forget MY food!!

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Grooming > What is a furminator?
Lucky Streak

Lucky I can- streak and- wasn't drowned
Purred: Tue Jun 24, '08 6:44pm PST 
dang our meow-mom entered but didn't win!!

Glad to know you ccan get them on ebay though MOL

Bonnie - triple coat Norweign Forest (well shaved now shock )

But Olive and Sandy aka Sandia Baby medium hair don't seem to shed as much

Lucky Streak short haired but sheds like a Mad-Man!!! Buddda belly dude laugh out loud

Must get one and test it out!

Thanks all

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Behavior & Training > Using a new, different litterbox

Lucky Streak

Lucky I can- streak and- wasn't drowned
Purred: Sun Jun 22, '08 6:58pm PST 
Oh that is scary!! Have your cats visited with them before? Do they know NOT to let them outside??

I would put some of their clean, but older litter in the box for a comfort smell if nothing else and to ensure your cats know it's for them to use smile

I clean our boxes once a month, rotating them out while I disinfect them with clorax or get a new box now and then - but I have them all lined up in a row, so everyone goes to the same area all the time - no problems with a new box - but when taking it somewhere "new" I'd probably put some clean litter of theirs inside to be sure. Good idea!

We'd be on pins and needles to take our 4 cats to someone's shouse to pet sit - Have you thought of getting a pet sitter that comes to your house, instead of moving them into a strange place?

Good luck and have FUN on your vacation!!

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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > Does someone know about the history of cat population explosion?

Lucky Streak

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Purred: Sun Jun 22, '08 4:42pm PST 
hmm very interesting - I would like to read more about this too as I grew up very similar.

I do know from articles in our local newspaper (Tucson, AZ) that in 2005 there were an estimated 150,000 stray and/or ferals - this was taken from registered feral colony feeders, calls to animal humane and the shelters for stray cat pickup or drop offs - In the year 2008 Tucson is up to 175,000 estimated and there are many spay/neuter programs, free for ferals (or very cheap) and always easy to do - So WHY?

Can't wait to see more of some great details of a site that gives more reasoning

thanks - good question

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Behavior & Training > trapping a feral

Lucky Streak

Lucky I can- streak and- wasn't drowned
Purred: Sun Jun 15, '08 1:32am PST 
we are all thinking of you and the ferals!! Mom would have gotten those babies into safety long before the flooding!!

hope everyone is ok - and waiting to hear you've got them

*purrrrss* and paws crossed here

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Cat Health > I had a blood test today!
Lucky Streak

Lucky I can- streak and- wasn't drowned
Purred: Sun Jun 15, '08 12:48am PST 
Please post when you hear the news! We are all waiting to hear what your Meow-Mom learns from this Mr. Handsome Vet!

My meow-mom's been taking us in (Bonnie got a shave laugh out loud nah nah nah) but today I had to go to the vet hrumph! I'm only 18 lbs!!! don't know how many kilos that is, but I'd probably get kicked out of any show big laugh

Meow-mom's chubby vet had the nerve to tell her *I* was overweight and to stop giving me any treats (even the GOOD kind) so it's only kibbles for me! I know how you feel, and do NOT try to give me any of that bloody raw stuff either

We are all hoping you are as fine as you look - your meow-mom takes very good care of you - you always look so handsome!

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