Grooming > Are lion cuts stressful for kitties?


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I am a Siberian breeder. Each Spring...my beautiful boys and girls get lion cuts due to the mats which form and due to the heat which comes to the high desert for the Spring and Summer. Stress for animals, is like stress for people...sometimes we just have to take action whether it is stressful or not.
Mats twist and pull the skin and can become a problem both in their discomfort and in skin reactions to those areas. Infections can develop where the skin is pinched together. I see our job as 'parents' of these babies...to do anything we can to keep them healthy and happy. (Happy comes when your skin isn't pinching big grin

Vets/groomers can be a huge help if one has difficulty handling the animals for the procedures they need. You can't 'please them all of the time', but 'most of the time'...works...wink

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