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Kingsford died Friday morning.
Don't know what else to say. He was a real fighter.

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Cat Health > +FeLV +not eating/drinking +respiratory illness

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He stayed over at the Vet's Saturday night. They gave him IV fluids then. He had to come home Sunday morning because the Care Credit money had run out. At least he was able to get one night's care.

That's it - Baytrol. It does seem to help. So doxycycline is better? They can certainly ask about that.

The hardest part is that he's feeling better enough to raise holy heck when it's time to give him water or try to give him food. With seven claws on each front foot, he can be a real buzz-saw. Then he's all worn out and feeling worse. The food-slurry sounds like a good idea. Do you have any suggestions for a way to administer food and water that might be easier on everyone?

Are there any "home remedies" that might make him more comfortable? Shady and Sophie came through with just a few sneezes. Baby has definitely got the cold, but she's still eating and drinking OK, just sleeping a lot (pretty healthy considering she's turning 19). Chester has the full-on cold, too but he's not horribly sick yet.

Not everyone is vaccinated against FeLV. We didn't know until Kingsford had been with us a while. His former Dad lied to Them about the vet care that Kingsford had (or had not) received. Since we've been living together, would it do any good to get vaccinated at this point? Isn't it really expensive?

(I hate to keep harping on money, but there just isn't any since DaddyJohn lost his job. It's just rough all over...)

DEFINITELY going to look into the food. Maybe a bigger syringe for the water (so he can more at one time). *sigh*

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Cat Health > +FeLV +not eating/drinking +respiratory illness


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Kingsford is really sick.

There's been a cold going around the house. Just about everyone's had it. Kingsford got hit really hard. He went to the vet a week ago Sunday and they gave him some clavamox. Took it just like he was supposed to, but it didn't do anything. He quit eating and drinking... got so bad that he was dehydrated and in shock Saturday morning. They took him back to the vet for an overnight, but that's all they could afford. The vet gave him a new med (it's a pill, starts with a B) and it seems to be helping, but he still won't eat or drink. They have been giving him water with an eyedropper and rubbing food into his mouth...

The vet said that Kingsford will die if he doesn't start eating or drinking. I guess the FeLV has really made this little cold into a big deal. They don't really have the money for all the stuff the vet says he needs. What can They do to help him get better? He's really, really sick...

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Catster Railroad > MOTHER\'s DAY weekend - IN - WV - PA - NJ


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There is a transport run being set up for Mother's day weekend from Indiana to New Jersey. Can anyone help? If you can, please contact Adoptapet @ optonline.net (remove space before and after @).

Here are the legs:

Saturday, May 10, 2008
Leg 1: Gary, IN to Indianapolis, IN

Leg 2: Indianapolis, IN to Richmond, IN
73 miles / 1 hour 15 minutes - 9:00 AM – 10:15 AM
Filled (?)

Leg 3: Richmond, IN to Columbus, OH
104 miles / 1 hour 45 minutes – 10:25 AM – 12:10 PM: NEEDED

Leg 4: Columbus, OH to Zanesville, OH
55 miles / 55 minutes – 12:25 PM – 1:20 PM: NEEDED

Leg 5: Zanesville, OH to Wheeling , WV
73 miles / 1 hour 10 minutes – 1:30 PM – 2:40 PM: NEEDED

Leg 6: Wheeling, WV to New Stanton, PA
71 miles / 1 hour 15 minutes – 2hi50 PM – 4:05 PM: NEEDED

Leg 7: New Stanton, PA to Somerset, PA
37 miles / 40 minutes – 4:15 PM – 4hi55 PM: NEEDED

Leg 8: Somerset, PA to Breezewood, PA
55 miles / 55 minutes – 5:05 PM – 6:00 PM: NEEDED

Leg 9: Breezewood, PA to Lewisberry, PA
90 miles / 1 hour 30 minutes – 6:10 PM – 7:40 PM: NEEDED

OVERNIGHT in Harrisburg , PA area: NEEDED

Sunday May 11, 2008
Leg 10: Harrisburg/Lewisberry, PA to Fogelsville, PA
87 miles / 1 hour 35 minutes – 7:00 AM to 8:35 AM: NEEDED

Leg 11: Fogelsville, PA to Woodbridge, NJ
86 miles / 1 hour 30 minutes –8:45 AM to 10:15 AM: NEEDED

Leg 12: Woodbridge, NJ to Darien, CT
70 miles / 1 hour 30 minutes –10:40 AM to 12:10 PM: NEEDED

Leg 12A: Woodbridge, NJ to Long Beach, NY
48 miles / 1 hour 30 minutes –10:30 AM to 12:00 PM: NEEDED

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