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Cats and a Clean Home > At wits end over cat pee


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We built our indoor cats a pen attached to the house out of one of those carports you see all over the place for sale. Ours has a pet door so they can come and go in and out as they please but it could easily be a free-standing pen for your purposes. We used chain link fencing and a tall chain link gate, used flat sandstone for the floor, like a patio floor, this prevents dig outs and can be hosed to clean. If you have just a dirt floor it will begin to smell bad after a while. You would still have to have a litter box and some kind of shelter, we have little tikes playhouses in ours, the cats love it. There are a few pics on my page, they are before we put in the floor. The whole thing cost a little over a $1000, but if meowmy and daddy ever decide to after we are all gone, though not likely they will ever be catless, they can make a nice storage area out of it.

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