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Cats and a Clean Home > Vacuum cleaners

will buff floors- for fud
Purred: Sun Apr 24, '11 8:45am PST 
to those thinking about a dyson,mum used to work as a cleaner before retiring and one of the regular rants she had from jobs was about dysons; she said they were useless and refused to get one even when they were on offer and their hoover was broken [by the way, not speaking in 'third person' by the use of mum here-refering to human mum]laugh out loud

perhaps trying hoovers out first woud help? have had a google and apparently hoover hire is quite big business so might be worth a look in if dont want to risk buying an expensive hoover.

dont even have a clue what mums hoover brand is,she also uses a carpet sweeper which is actually very useful plus doesnt cost anything in electricity.

am living in a building which is almost completely wooden flooring so we mostly do brushing and mopping which is easy enough. hamster dance

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Laws & Legislation > Low income/unemployed people and pets

will buff floors- for fud
Purred: Sun Apr 24, '11 8:22am PST 
people are not thinking fairly or rationally enough when suggesting low income people shoudnt have pets.
it isnt that we shoudnt have pets,but that people on low incomes shoud always make sure they have more than enough cash available to hand incase of emergencies.
-there are people on low incomes who get pet after pet after pet, and they are completely irresponsible,giving us all a bad name,but there is also the completely legitimate side of pet owning with owners who make sure to be responsible.

there are many people who go on the yahoo answers site for example, saying they have got a pet with x accute injury or y accute illness, but cant afford to take them to the vet-so want to know what their options are,am amazed at these guys who take on pets with so little income with nothing saved to pay for possible vets fees,its sickening to be honest,because not getting treatment through cost woud be seen as neglect and suffering in humans.

am one of those folks stereotyped under the low income bracket,am severely disabled and in residential care and as a result of being in care the UK government disallows most benefits,only recieving DLA [high rate mobility] and the lowest basic level of income support.
despite that,can afford a cat,lottie on our petting farm who gets the best treatment,food,love,care etc,woud not allow self to even think of getting a pet if was not able to afford them; emergency and future wise, unfortunately a lot of people think selfishly and only about what they want at that moment,not of the pets long term needs and what may happen suddenly or in the future [ie,diabetes].

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Other Meows & Purrs > I need to start a website...free pet awareness campaign


will buff floors- for fud
Purred: Tue Aug 19, '08 1:30pm PST 
there are a few options.

-Installing some server software [such as Apache],and hosting the website off it and own internet connection [useless option if dont have a lot of bandwith spare],computer also needs to be always on,to keep the site online.
If it gets an extreme amount of hits,and uses up bandwith,ISP may suspend account.
This is especially something to think about if were going to be hosting a forum as well.

-Blogging websites.
There are ones such as blogspot and live journal,they are a lot easier to set up than a basic website,or can be designed by self.
Blogging sites are especially good for getting the word out about something,they're more easily found amongst the blogging community than free sites on their own.

-Free website makers,or hosters.
The problem with most free website makers/hosters is they are going to want to get paid for hosting the site somehow-and it's usually with adding loads of adverts to the site,or popups,they also may only allow a small amount of bandwith,and once it gets enough hits, account is suspended.
They may only allow certain basic file extensions to be uploaded,and certain ways of uploading.
If were going to make a free basic website,it wouldn't matter if know someone who can do some HTML as there are many free programs out there that can help those who are complete beginners with it-Open office is one,if have got the windows office suite installed-frontpage is also good for making a website through.

Good luck with the site,. kitty

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Behavior & Training > Little sister hostile after my vet visit


will buff floors- for fud
Purred: Tue Aug 19, '08 9:00am PST 
Seconded what Gracie said,have seen this one working often with sisters own mum-cat and her kitten,as everytime Sandy [mum] went out roaming and came back in,it was like Ruby [kitten] didn't recognise her till Sandy had had a scent wipe down.
As an ex rat slave,had been used to this technique as it's one of the best for introducing rats with each other.

Make sure the material is unscented,better if new.

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Behavior & Training > My cat isn\'t so nice anymore--please help!


will buff floors- for fud
Purred: Tue Aug 19, '08 8:48am PST 
is there anything else going on at the time she bites? it could be misplaced aggression,getting over stimulated,or even pain..

Am recommend reading a book called 'the cat detective' written by Vicky Halls which is like a bible for cat behavior stuff,there's a lot about biting in it,am do not have it to quote back here as had borrowed it off sister.

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Other Meows & Purrs > Cats I have loved......

will buff floors- for fud
Purred: Mon Aug 18, '08 3:01pm PST 
Sorry if this is a bit long,always write loads when it's about her...

the most affected have been by a cat,was by a beautiful pure black cat,am became her slave when she was a kitten-and her slave was only six or seven at the time.

Her mum had been abandoned whilst pregnant and the cats protection league took her in,Blackie-as she became to be known as,was brought back in the car by sisters friend whilst sister had brought back Sam on her knee,Blackie had decided to have a wee there and then,good on her.

What made her extra special was her role as an 'assistance cat',am have classic autism and was a lot more severely affected as a child,Blackie was the one living creature am connected with or had awareness of.

She was the world,the meaning of life,she gave more support than any human ever did,she also gave the best squishy hugs and sloppy kisses.

Depended on her,like depending on breathing.

Blackie was very territorial and had the whole local tom cat empire under her control,she would spray out her territory,and if any tom or female cat dared to enter her patch,she would put her head down like a rhino,charge at them and let out this loud honking,grunting meow-scream,she had the humans under her control as well as the cats.

A few years ago,had noticed long before anyone-that something was not right with Blackie,her chest was swollen,despite trying to get this communicated to parents',they refused to believe anything was wrong,when they finally got her to the vets,she was found to have inoperable massive cancer tumours inside her,she could have had a chance if they had listened back when had told them about it.
Watching her being PTS was the most painful,soul breaking experience have ever gone through as was allowing own special baby to die-the only living creature have ever had such profound awareness and connection with.

Am had her cremated and got her the best chest/box they had- with name plate engraved ontop,she sits in the same room in almost exactly the same spot she always did,next to framed photos of her.
Her sister,Sam,has had life threatening illnesses,and there has been times it was thought she would pass over to,but am have put Blackies ashes next to Sam,as if to watch her [Blackie was always protective of her] and the next morning Sam has been jumping around as if nothing has ever happened to her.

She was/is a very special lady,and am very glad had had fourteen years as her slave.
Am still love her today like always did,even though she isn't physically around.
Will get her on catster soon,dont have any photos of her on this laptop,only dad has them.

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Other Meows & Purrs > Needing to vent about people who think we have too many cats!


will buff floors- for fud
Purred: Mon Aug 18, '08 2:09pm PST 
The friend sounds like she isn't being much of a friend,that isn't nice at all.
It mostly doesn't matter how many cats their human slave has as long as they are able to look after them [in care and in vets fees],and have the space for them.
Seeing as all of those things are covered,what is her problem?
Maybe she needs some educating in having cat families,to help her understand it better.

Even if she did report it,and a inspector came out,they would see everything was fine and go away,and perhaps speak to her about wasting their time.

Don't let nastiness like that ruin the good times with Patches and the rest of the kitteh family.

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Local Tips, Playdates & Meetups > Ever tried putting your cat on a leash?


will buff floors- for fud
Purred: Sun Aug 17, '08 1:22pm PST 
Aunts' cat-Darling [a young tabby lady that matches her name] hates going outside without her harness.
Yet Sam doesn't unprise both ends of her body enough to make a point of using a harness,Biscuit has so much fluff there wouldn't be a harness big enough and Goldie has too much cat cred to be seen by other cats being led around by a lesser species.

Tried it on Blackie once some years ago,and it didn't get past the fitting stage,she would have needed about three harnesses strapped together to get around her,they don't seem to be big enough,neither the length of the reigns as well.

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New to Catster/Tips & Tricks > Latest ad abomination...


will buff floors- for fud
Purred: Sat Aug 16, '08 10:06am PST 
Try using the Firefox browser,and download it's addon- Adblock plus, have never seen any ads here with it as yet and never knew it had any till trying Catster out on another/sea monkey browser.

Don't think sites have control over each advert,it's usually the theme of the ads that is chosen,but that doesn't really say much as it could come up with anything.
Think the only way around it is to complain and get each offending ad removed,at least that is the way have seen it often done at another site am use.

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Catster Lifestyle, News & Entertainment > Do you buy for your cats at Christmas?

will buff floors- for fud
Purred: Sat Aug 16, '08 6:36am PST 
The humans always complain am buying more for the cats than them and nothing for self at christmas, but it's the cats that matter the most.
Every year,it's trips to the most expensive shops that sell kitty stuff- Selfridges,Marks And Spencer etc,and will come out with piles of stuff- special food,comfort things,collars if they need a new one,new dishes,and so on-just lots of nice stuff,and nice stuff for sisters' cats-Sandy and Ruby to.

Biscuit,Goldie and Sam are over the whole 'nip scene,they did that when they were young and could teach the young ones a lot about it.
It doesn't matter about christmas for them as they get spoiled every week anyway,every monday am at pets at home [petsmart in the US] and buy them a lot of nice things,whether it's their favourite posh foods or bigger things like cat trees and beds.
They deserve it for being busy hardworking individuals----> kitty

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