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You think you- know, but you- have no idea
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I am having issue with my little "fluff 'n stuff" Magnus. He has always been an odd cat exhibiting antisocial behaviors. However, when I moved to Central Michigan to Central New York 3 years ago he began compulsively licking and grooming. Currently, he has no hair between his hind legs. I have taken Magnus to the vet several time and paid ridiculous amounts of Money to have him tested for everything imaginable (thyroid, Skin Fungus, Parasites etc...) I have even resorted to Kitty prozac and that didn't work either. I believe this is behavioral as the vet has never found anything wrong with him.
He's got plenty of clean litter boxes to choose from, toys a kitty jungle gym, quality cat food and cat diffuser. I spend everyday after work with him.
He's just a very unhappy guy. I can just see it in his eyes. I am running low on cash and ideas.

The brilliant Cat Lady Sarah Donner suggested that I just try to love him, I have done everything. I just don't see it that way.

I am starting to think maybe he would be better off with a family who specializes in behavioral animal. It breaks my heart because he has been there for me for 5 years of my life. I feel like I can't give him what he needs. Prayers and suggestions would be helpful.

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Get Well Soon > Magnus needs some prayers !

You think you- know, but you- have no idea
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My baby Magnus (Maggie) has been acting strange for the past three weeks. I come home from work he rubs up against me, I go to pet him and he hisses and swats at me. He has been really irritable and he cries. I took him to the vet and they are going to do some blood work. They also are going to give him an xray because they said he is really touch about his back. I am a concerned mama who is really scared. Any comments or positive thoughts would mean so much. I am really worried something is wrong. Thank you! ~ Angela

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