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Meow Pippin!

We eat home prepared raw food here. Meomie adds the following to every batch of our raw food mix (2 kg ground chicken thighs with bones; 400 gms chicken hearts; 200 grms chicken liver):

1. 4000mg Fish Oil (or salmon Oil) for the vital Omega 3 and Omega 6 nutrients essential for healthy skin and coats
2. 800 IU Vit. E - best with fish or salmon oil; a natural preservative and powerful anti-oxidant to boost the immune system
3. 200 mg Vitamin B-Complex (cats have a high demand for water the B group vitamins)
4. 200 mg Alpha Lipoic Acid (for liver support)
5. 1000 mg Taurine (we cats cannot make our own taurine. red meats especially hearts are rich in taurine, but taurine can degrade from freezing or be lost though cooking - so meowmie always sprinkles a dash of powdered taurine on our daily ration of raw food).
6. 1/4 tsp Dulse (for trace minerals and iodine)
7. 1/4 tsp Kelp (for trace minerals and iodine)
8. sometimes 1000 mg vit C (every other batch) just for our immune system strength

Oh... Kaffe gets 10 mg of Co-Q10 twice a week for his gum issues (rubbed directly on his gums). We also get an additional 1000mg fish oil twice a week.

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Cato Hart

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Our meowmie switched us to raw food shortly after the the March 30 petfood recall. Researched a lot first of course, but was determined to take control of what we eat rather than relying on petfood companies to keep us healthy. At first, she would just add a half teaspoon of raw ground chicken in our regular food. My older brother Kaffe would eat all of it, but I was the kibble addict and needed to first be transitioned into eating wet cat food. This took two weeks. Then one day, meowmie brought home a pack of Nature's Variety Raw Medallions (Rabbit). She thawed a couple of medallions and formed tiny little balls with them - to fool me into thinking they were kibble. Well, of course I knew they were not, but to my meowmie's shock, I ate all the "babbit" on my flat plate. Well... perhaps I did not feel too threatened when presented tiny little balls of raw food instead of a mound siting at the center of my flat plate. And I don't like eating from a bowl. Meowmie offered some "babbit" to Kaffe pretending they were treats. He fell for it (and he thinks he is so smart!). Once Kaffe and I realized that the raw food was FOOD, we were both OK with it. Anyway, by May 2, Kaffe and I were both eating un-adulterated home-prepared raw food - yummy! Meowmie follows the recipe on CatNutrition.org. We supervise her when she is making a batch to make sure that she makes no mistakes (we get to lick the mixing bowls - yummy!).

Salmonella? Na... not a problem with us cats. All the same, I noticed that mewomie sears the sides of the chicken pieces very quickly on a hot plate just to kill any germs. And freezing also kills most bacteria. She is also very careful handling any meat in the kitchen. Lines all kitchen counters with plastic garbage bags when she is making a batch of cat food and "disinfects" all kitchen implements she uses by sprying them first with vinegar then with hydrogen peroxide. Frankly, I don't know why she bothers disinfecting. Afterall, we cats lick our butts and all, you know what I mean?

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