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Behavior & Training > How do you discipline a kitten?


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I've found "yelping" (softly) if she scratches you to be effective. This lets the kitten know you were hurt, and is similar to the reaction of litter mates if she was playing too rough. You could also try gently blowing a puff of air into her face to stop her. Right now to kitty, a moving arm or foot is a toy. As soon as that limb stops moving (in her mind, stops playing) and she gets a puff of air in his face, she'll know the hand or foot isn't playing and doesn't want to.

Never play fight with her with your hands, only use toys. If she tries to claw or bite your hands in play divert her attention with a furry toy or other suitable item. She will soon learn its okay to bite toys but not okay to bite you! Try and tire her out when she gets feisty with a wand, lazer pointer or other long distance toy.

I would not recommend any kind of physical punishment or use of the water bottle as it can cause the cat to feel she has to defend herself from you.

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Go with the EVO smile

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