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Hobbs is not a Catster member, but he is one of my mommy's friends kitties.
Hobbs was hit by a car in front of his house last week. The neighbour saw it happen and picked Hobbs up and held him with love as he passed on to the rainbow bridge.
I wrote this for Hobb's mommy and would like to display it here for everyone who has a kitty that has passed on.

I know that it's really hard,
And you miss Hobbs so very much,
But he's not that far away;
He's looking down at you from above.

He's at the Rainbow Bridge
Where all the other cats play,
And he's shining really brightly
'Cause he just got his wings today.

"I'm having lots of fun here, Mom,
There's so many birds and mice.
The treats are neverending,
And the other kitties are so nice!"

"I know you miss me terribly,
And I miss you so much too;
But I've met a lot of friends here,
And meow oh meow, you should see this view!"

"So, please don't cry too much;
I'll fly beside you all the way,
For you still hold the key to my heart
Even death could never take that away..."

For the love of Hobbs, 09/19/07

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Behavior & Training > Schizophrenia?

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You should check out this link I found it may be useful.

http://www.petplace.com/cats/feline-hyperesthesia/page1.a spx

I hope everything ends up well for you. I'm purring for you to be a happy well adjusted kitty.

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Laws & Legislation > Cats dissected in high school class rooms


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I can't believe that this could be legal! I feel absolutely disgusted by this. I'm upgrading courses right now to become a nurse so I am currently taking Biology. There is NO dissecting of ANY animals in my course. I am an animal lover and have been vegan for over 12 years and wouldn't even dissect a sheeps eyeball back in grade 9 science class! With the technology of today is is completely unneccesary to do this. You can get the same information from an interactive computer program on anatomy and dissection. I've always felt dissection of animals in school to be a cruel old fashioned method of teaching and NEVER EVER have I heard of ANY school using anything other than frogs and pigs. To hear that cats are bred and used just for this purpose makes me so angry. I hope that something can be done to stop this sick practice. How can we call North America a civilized and advanced place when this stuff happens? I thought we loved technology here, why does this happencry

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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > HELP:Advice on befriending stray/feral? cat under my porch


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Thank you both for your advicesmile I have been feeding her on a regular schedule twice a day and always touch her blanket when I do hoping she gets used to my smell. She has been showing herself a little more to me and just today when I went to give her food, I saw her whole body. She looks quite round for such a small cat and I'm not sure she could've gotten that big on the amount I've been feeding her, (1/4 cup twice daily) even if she is catching mice or birds. I've never seen any evidence of bird or mice remains around but they could be under the crawl space I suppose.
I saw her 3 times today so far and the third time she was closer than ever before at only about 2-3 feet away from me. As usual, we sat there and looked at each other for awhile; she seems very calm and always curls her little paws under her and just looks at me inquistively. She does that little eye closing thing like she's smiling and doesn't make any attempts to run anymore when I move. I just close my eyes and smile back at her while speaking softly and calmly. I think she may be getting used to me a little bit because we were looking at each other for about half an hour as I kept inching as close as possible without scaring her. She finally made a move to go, but instead of running back into the crawl space, she moved out into the yard being careful not to get any closer to me than she was and trotted out under the fence to the neighbours yard. I didn't move until she was under the fence and then I got up to watch her go. She turned around to look at me, closed her eyes in that little smile and ran through the neighbours yard to wherever she goes during the day.
I know she'll be back as usual tonight between 9pm and 11pm for her next feeding. Hopefully she will be just as brave tonight as she was today when we were checking each other out. I wonder if she's a little nervous of me because she can smell Luna on me. I always try to go down with food after I've taken a shower and have fresh clothes on, but maybe Luna's smell is still strong and it makes her nervous?
I'll post another update soon on our budding relationship, hopefully it will become more trusting by the day. It seems to be going well so far...what do you think? Until next time

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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > HELP:Advice on befriending stray/feral? cat under my porch


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This is the 2nd cat to find its way to the crawl space under my porch that leads to the tiny 1 room basement of my house. The only things down there are the washer, dryer and furnace. The 1st cat was pregnant, emanciated and very friendly; the whole story is on my page in my diary. This cat living down there now moved in the day after the 1st cat was caught and put into foster care.
I live across the street from a garbage and recycling transfer station (where I also work at) and I know all the wild "dump cats" that hang around. This one that is now living under my house is not one that I recognize as a resident "dump cat". I know it's a female because I saw the longtime resident fluffy orange "dump cat" mounted on her one day when I opened my back door. The male took off out of the yard and the female(also fluffy and orange) ran under the porch. This was quite a few months ago now and I don't know if she's pregnant or not. She doesn't look any bigger but she's fluffy, so it's hard to tell.
I know where she sleeps because of the tufts of orange fur, so I put a blanket down on that spot a while ago and have been putting fresh water and food every evening for her near her blanket. I know she sleeps on the blanket because there is an indent and kitty fur on it. I make sure I touch the blanket every time I put food down in hopes she'll get used to my scent eventually. I'm hoping to one day trap her and take her in to get a check up and to be fixed. I just hope she's not already pregnant because if she has the litter under my crawl space, it could be difficult to reach them. Do you think she would have the kittens on her sleeping spot if she is pregnant or is she more likely to hide inside the crawl space? If anyone has any advice for me it would be greatly appreciated. My sole interest is the health of this cat and potentially the survival of it's litter if she is pregnant. PLEASE HELP!!

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Cat Health > 911 please help

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Poor Catsy, I really hope and pray that you will be okay. I've got my paws crossed for you to get through this unscathed.

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Catster Lifestyle, News & Entertainment > Do any of you watch Miami animal Police and The Protectors?


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We watch the Animal Precint and all the other Animal Cop shows on Animal Planet. I think it's fantastic that there are organizations that look out for the rights of those that can't speak for themselves. I hope one day real soon that people who hurt animals get the same sentence as if they hurt a human.
My mom cried real hard watching this one episode where a dog had been tied up to a fence with numerous chains that were so heavy and so tight he could barely move. He was sitting in his own feces, could hardly raise his head from the weight and was skinny like I've never seen. He had two chains embedded into his neck so deeply that parts of the chains were hitting his spinecry His face was bloated from the tight chains it was the saddest thing I've ever seen.
They removed the chains and did what they could for him but he proved to be unadoptablefrown He had major food agression issues,(of course not his fault but the disgusting owners fault for mistreating him in this way) so you couldn't trust him not to turn on you when you went to give him food. That story made me so upset not only because the dog was so mistreated he had to be put down but because if they went and caught the person who did this to him, the maximum sentence would've only been a year in jail or a large fine! Imagine every day of that dog's life and what he had to go through! If that was a person doing that to a person, the sentence would be much worse! Just thinking about that poor dog's story gets me choked upcry

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Behavior & Training > At my wits end


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I love waking up my mom and dad at 4am to feed me. They usually leave their bedroom door closed but, if they leave it open...I meow and meow and meow to try and wake them up. Sometimes they try and ignore me but I just jump up on the bed and bite whatever exposed body part I can see (noses and toes are common) to get their attention. Sometimes they wrap themselves up really tight in the blankets and put pillows over their heads but that doesn't stop me! I go over and start to play with the closet doors and the vertical blinds. It makes lots of noise and they really don't like it at all! They eventually have to get up once I start with the blinds because I've already wrecked a couple of them in the house.(oops) All I want at 4am is some food to eat and then I like to run around the house like a crazy kitty for awhile after I'm done. It makes me sad when I can't get in the bedroom at 4am so I can wake mom and dad up. My dad usually gets up by 6am so I usually don't have to wait too long. I think 4am is the internal kitty clock saying get up, it's time to start the day. You'd be up early too if you had the tough chore of sleeping all day while you owners take off into the outside world. Me-ow!

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