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I believe my cats are egyptian mau mixes. Chester has spots all over his body w/ bright green eyes, a twitching tail (it even moves when he sleeps), and a extremly musclular body. Izzy on the other hand, is completly black and white w/ green eyes, extremly small (about the size of 6-month old kitten), and is usually in one of her antisocial moods. They both make a chirping sound when they see birds and other wild animals and love warm places. My other cat Jack is all black and shares all the traits chester has (he has one powerful tail!).
Izzy and Chester came from the same breeder at the same time although Izzy is 2 weeks younger than Chester. We think they came from different mothers but the same fathers. My mom saw Chester's mother and she looked just like him but she didnt see izzy's(we think the mothers are sisters). We got Jack from a friend when he was 5 so we dont know his origion.

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