Laws & Legislation > U.S. Fish & Wildlife Organizes Full-Day Workshop Declaring War on Cats!


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Please follow the link below to learn more and email your representative that TNR programs work and reduce the feral population and the numbers of cats PTS @ shelters!

https://www.capwiz.com/bestfriends/issues/alert/?alerti d=53298501#.TmJe1sZvKU4.email

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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > HELP needed immediately in Coweta County, GA - Scottish Folds to be PTS

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crycry It's just so sad to see a post like this! Now, there are lots of people trying to help, but it may be too late. These same people would have come forward if they only knew sooner.
confusedSome how, some way, no kill shelters and free spay and neuter services for every kitty (& dogs, too!)

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Cat Health > Broken toe?


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thinking Could be. Our Ling Ling caught a claw on the carpet and broke a bone in her paw. So, yep, probably best to go to the vet & make sure.
The extended claw could cause additional complications if not checked.


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Cat Health > Clumping litter - sodium bentonite


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Harley good research. Please let us know what you learn about Scoop Away! I looked and could not find if it had sodium bentonite.

We have used World's Best Cat Litter in the past- a corn product - which seems fine. It says it is digestable if eaten. Then we changed to Scoop Away - maybe we will change back!

Thanks for bringing this topic to our attention!applause

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Catster Lifestyle, News & Entertainment > Kitties foil burglar!


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way to go Wow! Super Ninja kitties!applauseapplauseapplause

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Catster Railroad > Marshall, MO to Kenosha, WI

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From: Linda Mercer/Purebred Cat Breed Rescue
>Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2007 22:17:46 -0500
>These cats are coming from an owner relinquishment. The husband has
>cancer and is quote ill and undergoing chemotherapy. The family is
>totally overwhelmed and can't deal with the needs of the cats and
>is planning on bringing them to our vet's office next week. The good
>news is - there is a new loving family just waiting for these
>cats! All that's needed is to get them to Specialty Purebred Rescue
>so they can get to these pre-screened adopters! Please help!
>If you can help, please contact me directly by changing the subject
>line of this message to: "TRANSPORT HELP 10/8" and replying
>privately - NOT on list and NOT with list headers - OR by calling
>me toll free at 888-303-9454. I don't want to miss an offer!
>I have a series of hospital tests and a medical consultation
>scheduled for tomorrow. I will be gone from 6 AM to about 4 PM and
>unavailable by phone during that time. There also may be a delay
>responding to emails.
>If you cannot transport, PLEASE help by telling others about this
>plea to help us find transporters!
> SUNDAY - SEPTEMBER 2nd, 2007
> Marshall Veterinary Clinic
> 1845 West Arrow
> Marshall, MO
> Contact: Jane Waller, DVM
> jwaller@iland.net
> (660) 886-2231
> Kirsten Kranz
> Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue
> 3032 47th Ave. Kenosha, Wis. 53144
> Phone: 1-262-654-6303
> Email: kkranz1@wi.rr.com
> CFA Purebred Rescue, Inc
> http://purebredcats.org
> President & Rescue
> Coordinator
> CFA Purebred
> Rescue, Inc., http://purebredcats.org/aboutus.htm (501c3) D/B/A
> Purebred Cat Breed Rescue
> TOLL FREE PHONE: 888-303-9454
> Email:
> rescue@cfapurebredrescue.org
>Breed: Abyssinian
>TESTED NEGATIVE FOR FIV/FELV: Unknown at this time - will be tested
>upon arrival at Marshall Veterinary Clinic but have reportedly been
>indoor only cats.
>Health Records will travel with cats
>CARRIERS: Will be provided
> SUNDAY - SEPTEMBER 2nd, 2007
>Leg 1 - Marshall, MO - Columbia, MO - NEED
> 58 Miles 1 Hour
> Depart: 8:00 AM Arrive: 9:15 AM
>Leg 2 - Columbia, MO - Warrenton, MO - NEED
> 68 Miles 1 Hr 3 Mins
> Depart: 9:25 AM Arrive: 10:30 AM
>Leg 3 - Warrenton, MO - St Charles, MO - Filled! Thank you, Shirl!
> 38 Miles 45 Minutes
> Depart: 10:40 AM Arrive: 11:25 AM
>Leg 4 - St Charles, MO - Litchfield, IL - Filled! Thank you, Penny!
> 1 hour, 13 minutes 68.74 miles
> Depart: 11:35 AM Arrive: 12hi50 PM
>Leg 5- Litchfield, IL - Springfield, IL - - NEED
> 54 minutes 49.81 miles
> Depart: 1:05 PM Arrive: 1hi55 PM
>Leg 6 - Springfield, IL - Bloomington, IL - NEED
> 67 Miles 1 Hour 9 Minutes
> Depart: 1hi55 PM Arrive: 3:05 PM
>Leg 7 - Bloomington, IL - Dwight, IL - NEED
> 61 Miles 58 Minutes
> Depart: 3:15 PM Arrive: 4:15 PM
>Leg 8 - Dwight, IL - Chicago, IL - NEED
> 78 Miles 1 Hour 15 Minutes
> Depart: 4:30 PM Arrive: 5:45 PM
>Leg 9 - Chicago, IL - Kenosha, WI -- Filled! Thank you, Christina!
> 1 hour, 15 minutes 48.9 miles
> Depart: 7:25 PM Arrive: 8:40 PM
>Linda Pollack Mercer, M.D.
>President & Rescue Coordinator
>CFA Purebred Rescue, Inc., http://cfapurebredrescue.org (501c3)
>D/B/A Purebred Cat Breed Rescue, http://PurebredCats.org
>D/B/A Cat Fanciers' Alliance Purebred Rescue
>Director, Operation Noble Foster, http://www.OperationNobleFoster.org

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Cat Health > Flea medication


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thinking You look well loved by your humans - even in that silly blue sweater!

I had a very serious reaction to the Hartz brand flea control that is marketed to look like Advantage. The emergency vet who took care of me and wrote a nastygram to Hartz - said they are very different chemical approaches & Hartz is very risky to kitties!

My family has used Advantage without any problems....but, you have something else so scary going on....do you really need flea control indoors? Maybe you could wait? Sometimes my human skips it for quite a long time, because we have no evidence of the little critters. Then she gets religion and puts Advantage on all of us...especially if we are going to be exposed to other kits, like at the vet's.

Get well!! We'll be purring for you! hug

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Cat Health > Am i too old?


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Hi Taz,
I agree with the other kits here, with good blood work and a good feline dentist - your overall health will benefit from a healthy mouth. There is increased risk to your heart & kidneys from the bacteria associated with poor dental hygiene.
The sedation is very light compared to what it was just 10 years ago. The blood work will let the vet know if your kidney or liver function put you at risk. From there, the right sedation can be selected and managed.
Yes, I am only 4 (next month actually), but I have had to have extractions - just a congenital abnormality that caused me to have oral problems. Not really so unusual, just bumb choppers. Science Diet Prescription "T/D" kibble from the vet, has been a Godsend! It really works to reduce gingivitis and tartar.
By the way, I am a spitty kitty, too. I just had my teeth cleaned this week. It's an annual event for every kitty in our house. $$$, but our human says it is good for us in the short & long run. If you need root canals, you are headed for TROUBLE if you wait.
You are not too old for a healthy mouth! big grinwink
Wishing you all the best!!smile

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Food & Nutrition > How do I switch from free feeding to controlled feedings?


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Wow, that's some good advice! I too, have become a bit plump & my human is dreading trying to transition all 3 of us from free feeding to scheduled times. She thinks she's dreading it??? Trust me, we all like to "graze" especially at night. Using one (or more!) of those automated feeders sounds like it might take the edge off.way to go

Thanks kits!

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