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Just wanted to post an update on Hunter

He has really calmed down a lot since his nuetering. He has not yowled or marked since he came home from his surgery. way to go

We got the feliway plug-in and provided him with a lot of toys and sratching pads to divert his extra energy. Grandpa is now enjoying the kitty he thought he was getting.

He has been extremely calm and enjoys hanging out with his Dad and guests.

Headbonks and thanks

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Behavior & Training > a few issues
Pinkie- DG#21 - Our Angel

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It has been a little over a week, and so far so good.

The night crys have stopped completely and no spraying.

He started covering his poop in the box which I read was a good sign in that he
doesn't feel as if he is the domanent cat. He had not done that since his arrival.

He is an only cat. But I am sure there are strays and ferals outside. We will keep you posted on his progress.

Thanks again for your help.

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Behavior & Training > a few issues

Pinkie- DG#21 - Our Angel

Baby Girl
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Thank you so much for responding.

He did have the UTA. But the real culprit...he was not neutered... How this was undetected is amazing. Grandpa brought him back to the vet and asked them to please be sure. Dr. Nancy knew it right away.
We told Grandpa that with all that was happening, he couldn't be..we just couldn't believe the shelter wouldn't have known this by examining him and having him for as long as they did.

He stayed over night and the procedure was done on Wednesday. He is home resting and seems to be doing well. Hopefully, we will see a change in him now. We did order the Feliway and should be getting it soon.

Thank you again for the suggestions.

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Behavior & Training > a few issues

Pinkie- DG#21 - Our Angel

Baby Girl
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Our family has a new cousin. His name is Hunter. He was adopted from a shelter and has been in his new home for about 2 weeks.

He seems to be 2 different cats depending upon the time of day and the room he is in.

Let me say, he is nuetured and was diagnosed with a UTA and has mites. He was given a shot of antibiotics about 10 days ago. He was in the shelter for 8 months and was known to be a shy and less confident then the other cats at the Habitat. He seemed to like being in his cage and did not enjoy other cats.

He is laid back, and friendly, affectionate some times and generally this is in the dining and kitchen area. He has a favorite chair which he stays on most of the day.

He did start urininating inappropriately up stairs and our Grandpa added a second litter box which he used immediately once put there for him.

His issue is with the living room where he becomes a different cat. He goes on the sofa and love seat and urinates there. Even though he is blocked off from that room with gates, he still tries to navigate up them to get in that room which turns into an agressive behavior. He moves fast, like his is stalking something and looks out the sliding glass doors. We thought maybe there is a cat outside that he can smell. But would that really get him going like that if he was neutered? He doesn't play with toys which we thought would help to redirect his focus. If he didn't urinate, it would not be an issue. But that seems to be a definite when he gets in that room.

Also at night, he yowls...loudly. It has seemed to become less over the last week. But he still does it.
Just sits there and yowls.

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on why he could have such different personalites and if they have seen this before.

He seems overall a good cat. But we need to help him with this bad behavior. He is going back to the vets on Tuesday and my Grandpa will talk to her about these things going on with him.

We are a large family. But have never had these issues and don't know how to help.

Any assistance or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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